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EKBA(LEGAL) STATE ASSESSMENT - ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS/LEP STUDENTSAn English language learner shall participate in the grades 3–8 assessments and, except as provided An English language learner in grade 3 or higher may be administered the linguistically accommodated ... HTML file of EKBA LEGAL PDF file of EKBA LEGAL Word document of EKBA LEGAL
EHBE(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLEnglish and who is identified as an English language learner shall be provided a full opportunity to participate The terms English language learner and LEP student are used interchangeably. ... HTML file of EHBE LEGAL PDF file of EHBE LEGAL Word document of EHBE LEGAL
EIE(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONA student may be promoted only on the basis of academic achievement or demonstrated proficiency of the subject matter of the course or grade level. [See EI] In determining promotion, a district shall ... HTML file of EIE LEGAL PDF file of EIE LEGAL Word document of EIE LEGAL