Board Committees

The Board may, from time to time and as it deems necessary, create committees to facilitate the efficient operation of the Board. Committees shall serve a purely advisory function, with no power to supervise or control public business. These committees shall respect any and all delegation of authority from the Board to the Superintendent.

Committees of the Board exist to support the work of the Board. Board members shall be expected to serve on committees of the Board and on other District committees, as well as committees of external organizations that require Board-member representation.

A Board committee should include at least two, but no more than three, Board members. Committees may also include District personnel and community members. The Superintendent or designee may serve on all committees in an advisory role.

Committees shall be formed only by Board action, and each committee's description shall include the committee's stated purpose and goals, responsibilities, membership, and meeting expectations, defined as follows:

At least annually, the Board shall review committee assignments, as well as the purpose, scope, and responsibilities of each Board committee.

Minutes shall be kept of each committee meeting. All committees shall report their findings to the Board following each committee meeting or upon completion of the committee's assigned task, as applicable.

Board Representation on Other Committees

At least annually, the Board shall vote to select members to serve on other District and community committees, councils, or boards, including the Districtwide Educational Advisory Council (DEAC) [see BQA] and the District's school health advisory council (SHAC) [see BDF].

The Board President and one other Board member elected by the Board shall serve on the District's safety and security committee. [See CK]

The Board shall elect one Board member to serve on the Center City Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) board of directors and one Board member to serve on the East Gateway TIRZ board of directors.


In the event of a vacancy on the Board resulting in a vacancy on a Board, District, or community committee, the remaining Board members may vote to fill the vacancy.

Removal or Resignation from a Committee

A Board member may resign from a committee by notifying the Board President or Superintendent in writing.

The Board, by a majority vote of members, may remove a Board member from a Board, District, or community committee.

Amarillo ISD


LDU 2021.02

DATE ISSUED: 9/9/2021