Life Skills Instruction

Any curriculum used in the District that addresses sex, human sexual reproduction, or sexually transmitted diseases is not intended to take the place of the home and church in teaching about sexuality. The Board encourages parental participation in the program; course content and instruction addressing these subject areas shall meet the following guidelines:

  1. Emphasis shall be placed on the teaching of self-responsibility and abstinence with the premise that self-responsibility shall not be construed as a message to students that abortion and contraception are substitutes for responsibility and abstinence. Teaching of self-responsibility is not intended to minimize the role of parents as the primary sex educators of their children.
  2. Curriculum shall acknowledge adolescents' curiosity about sex, promote the dignity of human reproduction, and encourage and support adolescents' decisions to delay sexual activity until marriage.
  3. Marriage shall be emphasized as the only acceptable relationship for sexual activity.
  4. Teachers shall be adequately prepared to address content related to social, emotional, physical, and intellectual responsibility, and the interpersonal development of the students they teach.
  5. Instruction at the elementary level shall emphasize concepts and skills common to many areas of responsibility and form a basis for specific instruction about responsible sexual behavior.
  6. The instructional program shall provide a model for individuals to examine their beliefs objectively and, as often as possible, prior to making decisions. Examination of the negative aspects of early sexual involvement shall counteract romanticized messages projected by the media.
  7. The curriculum shall respect the rights and privacy of individuals and families and the cultural and religious diversity of the community. A parent may request that his or her child be allowed to "opt out" of life skills education. Such a request shall be submitted in writing to the principal. Students who "opt out" shall be assigned independent reading and writing activities. No grade penalty shall be imposed on students who "opt out."
  8. All instructional materials shall be approved by the campus instructional leader. Supplemental materials not approved as a part of the curriculum shall not be allowed.
  9. Sex education units shall not be taught by substitute teachers.
  10. Teachers who present or are involved in the program shall be approved by the campus instructional leader and shall receive certified training in the program. The campus instructional leader shall be responsible for proper implementation of the program and compliance with Board policy.
  11. The method of presentation and instruction of the program shall be in strict compliance with the training.

Topic Areas

Topic areas of a life skills education program shall include:

  1. Family and family relationships.
  2. Sex roles.
  3. Self-image.
  4. Traditional values.
  5. Decision making.
  6. Reproductive anatomy.
  7. Pregnancy and childbirth.
  8. Sexually transmitted diseases and methods of protection.
  9. "Drug-free" prevention education integrated into all topics.

Amarillo ISD


LDU 2018.04

DATE ISSUED: 8/10/2018