School Bus Drivers


Bloodborne Pathogen Control

"Sharps" Defined

Minimum Standards

Develop, review annually, update as necessary, and document its actions regarding a comprehensive exposure control plan appropriate to the district and its particular facilities;

Provide, at district expense, personal protective equipment and Hepatitis B vaccinations to affected employees, and if an employee declines to be vaccinated, maintain a record of the employee's written refusal;

Provide to affected employees pre-service and annual refresher training as described in the TDSHS Exposure Control Plan;

Record all exposure incidents (e.g., "sticks" by needles or other "sharps") in a sharps injury log and report the sharps injury to TDSHS on a standardized form; and

Provide a post-exposure evaluation and follow up with an employee who has a sharps injury.

Health and Safety Code 81.301–.307; 25 TAC Ch. 96

Cost of Testing

Genetic Information

Pre-Employment Inquiries and Employment Entrance Examinations

42 U.S.C. 12112(d)(3); 29 CFR 1630.14(b)


Examination During Employment

Placement on Temporary Disability

42 U.S.C. 12112(d)(3)–(4); 29 CFR 1630.14(c); Education Code 21.409(c)

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DATE ISSUED: 10/6/2015