Commercial Signs

General Definitions

  1. Intended to be leased, or for which payment of any type is intended to be or is received, for the display of any good, service, brand, slogan, message, product, or company, except that the term does not include a sign that is leased to a business entity and located on the same property on which the business is located; or
  2. Located on property owned or leased for the primary purpose of displaying a sign.

Interstate or Primary System

State Highway Right-of-Way

Public Road

Rural Road

  1. That is located in an unincorporated area;
  2. That is not privately owned or controlled;
  3. Any part of which is open to the public for vehicular traffic; and
  4. That is under the jurisdiction of the state or a political subdivision.

Toll Road

Electronic Sign

Directional Sign

Charitable Raffles

District Communications

Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/17/2019