Unsolicited Gifts

The Board delegates authority to the College President to accept unsolicited gifts on behalf of the College District.

Conditional Gift Exception

Any gift that the potential donor has expressly made conditional upon the College District's use for a specified purpose, or any gift of real property, shall require Board approval. The College President shall make recommendations to the Board regarding the acceptance of the gift.

Criteria for Acceptance

The College District shall not accept any gift that would violate or conflict with policies of or actions by the Board or with federal or state law. The College District shall not accept gifts that discriminate against any person on the grounds of sex, gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability.

Before the College President accepts a gift or recommends acceptance of a gift to the Board, as applicable, the College President shall consider whether the gift:

  1. Has a purpose consistent with the College District's educational philosophy, goals, and objectives;
  2. Places any restrictions on a campus or College District program;
  3. Would support a program that the Board may be unable or unwilling to continue when the donation of funds is exhausted;
  4. Would result in ancillary or ongoing costs for the College District;
  5. Requires employment of additional personnel;
  6. Requires or implies the endorsement of a specific business or product [see GE for advertising opportunities];
  7. Would result in inequitable funding, equipment, or resources among College District schools or programs;
  8. Obligates the College District or a campus to engage in specific actions; or
  9. Affects the physical structure of a building or would require extensive maintenance on the part of the College District.

Upon Acceptance

Once accepted, a gift becomes the sole property of the College District.


An employee who solicits gifts on behalf of the College District or to use in the fulfillment of his or her professional responsibilities shall comply with relevant state and federal law and College District policy and regulations, including those addressing the use of names or images of the College District, campuses, employees, or students.

All donations solicited on behalf of the College District, including solicitations in the name of the College District or a campus, or donations solicited using College District or campus resources, become the sole property of the College District for use consistent with the terms of the solicitation.

Certificate of Recognition

Any bequests, gifts, or donations made by a donor totaling at least $10,000 within the calendar year shall be acknowledged with a certificate of recognition.

Grants Management

Federal Requirement

A grant award may not be used to replace federal, state, or local funds. Funding provided under a grant shall supplement and not supplant state, local, or other federal funds. Supplanting occurs when grant funds are used to replace other state, local, or federal funds that had previously supported an activity or purchase.

Grant Development and Review

The grant administrator/contact and the chief financial officer (CFO) shall develop and review the proposed line-item budget for each grant to make certain that the proposed expenditures are either new activities or projects, or an expansion of existing activities or projects prior to including those budget items in the grant budget. The terms and conditions for each grant shall guide the budget development.

The College District may not include in a grant budget the costs of items that have previously been paid from other state, federal, or local funds unless a grant specifically allows for such in its terms and conditions.

Expenditure Review

The grant administrator/contact or designee shall review each purchase or travel request form received from a department against the approved grant budget. After review, if the request is approved, the grant administrator/contact shall sign the purchase or travel request form and forward the form to the College President or CFO for approval, which includes a review to make certain that the item does not supplant. The form shall then be routed to accounts payable for processing in accordance with College District policy.

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LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 11/21/2019