Disposal of College District Property

The College President or designee is authorized to declare College District personal property, including materials, equipment, vehicles, and supplies, to be unnecessary.

If the unnecessary property has value, the College President or designee shall:

  1. Dispose of the unnecessary property for fair market value;
  2. Dispose of the unnecessary property through a method expressly authorized by law; or
  3. Recommend to the Board for approval an alternative method of disposal for less than fair market value. Before approving the disposal of the unnecessary property for less than fair market value, the Board shall determine that the conveyance is not a gift of public funds by making the following findings:
    1. The predominant purpose of the alternative method of disposal is to accomplish a public purpose, not to benefit private parties;
    2. The Board shall retain sufficient control over the disposed items to ensure the public purpose is accomplished and to protect the public's investment; and
    3. The College District shall receive a return benefit.

If the unnecessary property has no value, the College President or designee may dispose of such property according to administrative discretion.

Items obtained with federal funds or as federal surplus shall be managed according to federal regulations.

Disposal of Abandoned or Unclaimed Personal Property

The director of campus security is authorized to dispose of a third parties' abandoned and unclaimed personal property in accordance with College District regulations. These regulations shall address, but not be limited to, the following topics:

  1. Notices of lost and found locations posted at appropriate places or described in College District publications and that include procedures for reclaiming lost articles and time frames for the College District to dispose of unclaimed property.
  2. A range of options for locating owners of abandoned property that is not turned in to a lost and found location. These options may address such items as abandoned cars or other large items.
  3. Disposal procedures including donations to charity or student organizations, sales, and auctions.

Any monies realized from disposal of unclaimed or abandoned personal property shall be deposited in the College District's general fund.

[For the applicability of the abandoned property procedures under Property Code Chapter 76, see CD]

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DATE ISSUED: 5/3/2019