Appraisal System

The formal appraisal of District teachers shall be in accordance with the Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS).

General Requirements

District teachers shall be appraised annually, except teachers who are eligible for less frequent evaluations in accordance with law [see DNA(LEGAL)] and the local criteria established in this policy.

Components of the appraisal process, such as classroom observations and walk-throughs, shall be conducted more frequently as necessary to ensure that teachers receive appropriate guidance.

The District shall establish an appraisal calendar each year.


Formal Observation

The formal observation for a teacher's appraisal shall be scheduled by date and time.

Alternate Appraisers

The list of qualified appraisers who may appraise a teacher in place of the teacher's supervisor shall be approved by the Board.

Second Appraisal

Upon a teacher's request for a second appraiser, the Superintendent or designee shall select the second appraiser from a pre-established roster of trained appraisers.

The formal observation for a second appraisal shall be scheduled by date and time.


The Board shall ensure that the Superintendent or designee establishes procedures regarding how domain scores from first and second PDAS appraisals will be used.

Less-Than-Annual Evaluations


To be eligible for less-than-annual evaluations under the PDAS, a teacher shall have met the local criteria as established in administrative regulations.


Eligible teachers shall be appraised every three years.

During any school year when a complete appraisal is not scheduled for an eligible teacher, either the teacher or the principal may require that an appraisal be conducted by providing written notice to the other party.

Annual Review Process

In the years that a PDAS appraisal is not scheduled for an eligible teacher, the District shall conduct an annual review in accordance with a process detailed in guidelines developed by the administration in collaboration with the District- and campus-level decision-making committees.

The annual review process shall produce a written document to be presented to the teacher, signed by the teacher and supervisor, and maintained in the personnel file.

The regular PDAS procedures and requirements shall not apply to the annual review process.


Complaints regarding teacher appraisal shall be addressed in ac-accordance with DGBA(LOCAL).

Tenaha ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/5/2013