This policy and information on the College District's investment policy serve to satisfy the statutory requirements of Government Code Chapter 2256 to define and adopt a formal investment policy. The policy and investment policy shall be reviewed and adopted by resolution of the Board at least annually according to Section 2256.005(e).

This investment policy shall apply to all financial assets of all funds of the College District, including bond proceeds and pledged revenue to the extent allowed by law, both the funds existing at the present time and any funds to be created in the future, unless expressly prohibited by law or unless it is in contravention of any depository contract between the College District and any depository bank.

Investment Authority

In accordance with Chapter 2256, Section 2256.005(f) and (g), the Board shall designate by resolution one or more officers or employees as the College District's investment officer(s). Funds that are not immediately required to pay obligations of the College District may be invested according to the Board's approved policy.

If the investment officer has a personal business relationship with an entity—or is related within the second degree by affinity or consanguinity to an individual—seeking to sell an investment to the College District, the investment officer must file a statement disclosing that personal business interest—or relationship—with the Texas Ethics Commission and the College District Board in accordance with Government Code 2256.005(i).

The College District designates the following people as the College District's investment officers:


College President

Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs/CFO


P.O. Box 9020, Tyler, TX 75711


(903) 510-2200

Tyler Junior College


LDU 2020.04

DATE ISSUED: 2/7/2020