Employment opportunities at the College District will be advertised. Prospective faculty members must exhibit proficiency in oral and written communication in the language in which assigned courses are taught. Vacancies in previously authorized positions may not be automatically filled; permission to advertise a vacancy must be gained from the College President.

Full-time, regular positions will be advertised a minimum of two weeks (14 calendar days).

Part-time, temporary (including hourly) positions will be advertised a minimum of one week (seven calendar days), or candidates will be drawn from a previously solicited "pool" of eligible applicants.

All advertisements and postings must be handled through the office of human resources. Standard formats for job announcements are available from the office of human resources.

The College District encourages the upward mobility of staff employees to positions for which they are qualified and that meet their career interests and objectives. A staff employee's indication of interest in an opening will not affect the current position of the staff member.

While it is the College District's practice to consider qualified employees when filling vacancies within the College District, lateral and demotional transfer requests initiated by the employee are not encouraged. Such transfers are not strictly prohibited but are not considered appropriate unless they are in the best interest of the College District.


The College District will obtain criminal history record information for applicants selected to fill positions.

The human resources office is the College District's authorized agent to obtain the criminal history information. All information obtained is considered privileged and confidential and may not be released or disclosed to any person or agency except by court order.

Unauthorized release of conviction information constitutes official misconduct and subjects the individual to open records act penalties.


Exclusion from the position vacancy posting requirement may be authorized by the College President. The College President has the authority to waive the posting requirement in extenuating circumstances where the operation of the College District would be adversely affected and to grant a promotion and/or a transfer when conditions are mutually agreed upon and are beneficial to the College District. Applicable definitions are as follows:

A promotion is defined as a move from a lower classification to a higher classification.

A transfer means the permanent appointment of an employee to a different position having the same classification level and pay rate as the employee's current position.

Employees returning from military, pregnancy, infant care, or disability leave will be reinstated in their former or a comparable position, if feasible. Such positions will not be posted.


To minimize delay in filling vacancies in areas that experience high turnover, permanent posting is authorized for future consideration when vacancies occur.


Screening and initial interviewing of applicants will normally be done by the first-level supervisor.

Formal interviewing of semifinalists will be conducted.

Advance payment for and/or reimbursement of travel expenses will not be made for job interviews. Reasonable expenses of the supervising interviewer(s) may be reimbursable upon recommendation by the College President.


The finalist for any open position must be recommended for approval through channels to the College President.

The written recommendation for employment must include:

Endorsements of every supervisor in the organizational "chain of command;"

A completed College District employment application form;

Official transcripts, if applicable;

Documentation of reference checks on the candidate;

Recommended salary (but only the College President has the authority to "quote" a firm salary offer);

Any special employment conditions and/or limitations; and

A suggested starting date.

An employee of the College District will not apply undue pressure to promote the recommendation of a candidate for employment, at any point in the application process, in the department for which the employee is responsible or for any other department.

Unsuccessful candidates will be informed by the human resources office that they are not being recommended.


Only the College President or designee has the authority to make a formal offer of employment to any prospective finalist for a faculty, administrative, or professional position.

The executive director of human resources will confirm employment to any prospective finalist for a support position.

In the case of contractual positions, both the offer of employment and the acceptance of the offer must be in writing.

Ratification of administrative actions with regard to employment (and other personnel matters) will be requested at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board following the appointment.


The College President or designee will make any announcement or will release any publicity regarding the employment of any person at the College District.

The office of marketing and public affairs will assist the College President in the release of all public information regarding the appointment of all persons employed at the College District.

Tyler Junior College


LDU 2017.04

DATE ISSUED: 8/22/2017