Extracurricular Activity Absences

The District shall make no distinction between absences for UIL activities and absences for other extracurricular activities approved by the Board. A student shall be allowed a maximum of 20 absences in a school year for extracurricular activities.

A student shall be suspended from participation in any extracurricular activity sponsored or sanctioned by the District or the UIL after a grade evaluation period in which the student received a grade lower than the equivalent of 70 on a scale of 100 in any academic class, including honors or advanced classes. A suspension shall continue for at least three school weeks and shall not be removed during the school year until the conditions of Reinstatement described in FM(LEGAL) are met.

Use of District Facilities

School-sponsored student groups may use District facilities with prior approval of the appropriate administrator. Other student groups may use District facilities in accordance with policy FNAB.

Whitehouse ISD


LDU 2011.04

DATE ISSUED: 8/2/2011