Overall Grade Point Average

Each year the overall grade point average (GPA) shall be calculated for each student, and class rank shall be determined based on that average. The overall GPA shall be included on the student's official transcript (academic achievement record). A student's official transcript shall show the actual numeric grade the student earned in each semester of a subject.

Calculation and Excluded Courses

All semester grades in each academic subject taken beginning in grade 9, including any high school courses taken in grade 8, shall be included in the calculation of the overall GPA. The final calculation for rank purposes shall occur after the fifth six-week grading period, and the final semester grade for rank shall be based on the average of the grades in the fourth and fifth six-week grading periods. The overall GPA shall be calculated to four decimal places.

"Academic subjects" shall include all courses other than the following:

Office, library, counselor, local credits, or any other student aides.

Drivers' education, unless taken during the school day, i.e., the 80-hour program.

State-mandated assessment remediation.


Any repeated course (only the first grade shall be counted for rank).

Athletics and physical education courses.

Weighted Courses

For honor roll and for calculation of overall GPA purposes only, grades earned in honors and dual credit academic courses designated in the student handbook shall be weighted according to the provisions at GRADING SCALE. Only concurrent enrollment in designated courses given instruction by District personnel shall be weighted.

Grading Scale

The mathematical calculation of the overall GPA shall be made by averaging the grade points that correspond to the actual numeric grade earned in the class, where an earned grade of 100 corresponds to 5 grade points for a weighted class and 4 grade points for a regular class; an earned grade of 99 corresponds to 4.9 grade points for a weighted class and 3.9 grade points for a regular class; and so on, where 90 corresponds to 4.0 and 3.0, 80 corresponds to 3.0 and 2.0, 70 corresponds to 2.0 and 1.0, and no grade points are earned for any grade 69 and below.

Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Honor Graduates

The graduate with the highest overall GPA shall be the valedictorian. The next highest-ranking graduate shall be the salutatorian. An honor graduate shall be any student who maintains an overall GPA of 3.0 or above for all high school academic courses.

Residency Requirement

To be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian honors, a student must be a full-time student in the District for the entire school year in which he or she graduates.


In case of a tie, the valedictorian shall be chosen according to the following criteria:

The student with the most Advanced Placement (AP)/honors courses shall be considered first.

However, if a tie still remains, the student with the highest numerical grade average of all AP courses taken shall be the valedictorian.

Top Ten Percent

All students whose GPAs comprise the top ten percent of the graduating class and qualify for automatic admission under Education Code 51.803 shall be recognized. Eligibility standards required for the local procedure for determining valedictorian and salutatorian (or other local honor positions) shall not apply to the procedure for determining the top ten percent. The GPA shall be reported on the student's transcript as required by TEA and made available in accordance with the application deadline when requested by the student. [See EIC(LEGAL)]

Transfer Students

Grades earned at any Texas public school or a private school accredited by an organization recognized by the commissioner of education shall be calculated at full credit. Grades earned in courses designated as honors courses by any other Texas public school shall be weighted in the calculation of the overall GPA. Grades earned in courses designated as honors courses by an out-of-state school shall receive the regular class weight in calculating the overall GPA.

Early Graduates

Students who complete all requirements for graduation in less than four school years must declare their intention to graduate early at the beginning of the school year in which they expect to complete all requirements and shall be ranked with all other students graduating at the same time.

Breckenridge ISD


LDU 2017.01

DATE ISSUED: 7/25/2017