Reduction of Energy Consumption

  1. Strategies for achieving energy efficiency, including facility design and construction, that:
    1. Result in net savings for the district; or
    2. Can be achieved without financial cost to the district; and
  2. For each strategy identified above, the initial, short-term capital costs and lifetime costs and savings that may result from implementation of the strategy.

Energy or Water Conservation Measures

Performance Bond


  1. Under a lease/purchase contract that has a term not to exceed 20 years from the final date of installation and that meets federal tax requirements for tax-free municipal leasing or long-term financing.
  2. With the proceeds of bonds.
  3. Under a contract with the provider of the energy or water conservation measures that has a term not to exceed the lesser of 20 years from the final date of installation or the average useful life of the energy or water conservation or usage measures.

Contract Procurement

Cost Savings Review

Energy Usage Report

Light Bulbs

  1. Uses the fewest watts for the necessary luminous flux or light output;
  2. Is compatible with the light fixture; and
  3. Is the most cost-effective, considering the factors described above.

Recycling Program

  1. Provide procedures for collecting and storing recyclable materials, provide containers for recyclable materials, and provide procedures for making contractual or other arrangements with buyers of recyclable materials.
  2. Evaluate the amount of recyclable material recycled and modify the recycling program as necessary to ensure that all recyclable materials are effectively and practicably recycled.
  3. Establish educational and incentive programs to encourage maximum employee participation.

Certificate of Mold Remediation




Aspermont ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/23/2017