General Rules for Visitors

The school will provide a designated waiting area in the front hallway for parents to pick up children at the end of the school day; passes are not required while in this area.

Anyone needing to go beyond the waiting area must register at the office and receive a pass.

Passes must be worn by visitors at all times and returned to the office when the visitor signs out.

All school employees will assist in enforcing the requirement that visitors wear passes.

A person wishing to visit a classroom, whether during instructional time or for a parent/teacher conference, must make arrangements in advance with the principal and the teacher.

When office personnel deem it necessary for a visitor to meet immediately with a classroom teacher without being issued a pass, a member of the office staff will escort the visitor to and from the classroom.

When a visitor must meet with a student in an emergency, the principal or designee will call for the student or bring the student to the office.

Assembly Programs

Any visitor attending an assembly program must go directly to the assembly area, unless issued a pass to visit another area of the campus.

Academic Observers

University students or instructors, or other persons wishing to observe instruction for academic purposes, must make arrangements in advance with the principal and the teachers whose classrooms will be observed.


No visitor passes will be required for voters proceeding only to and from the polling stations; however, school personnel will monitor and assist the flow of voters.

Registered Sex Offenders

Request to Visit District Property

Unless present for the purpose of voting or attending Board meetings, a registered sex offender, including a parent, wishing to visit school property must submit a written request to the Superintendent for permission to visit District property and must not visit District property until and unless written permission is given by the Superintendent.

If permission is granted, the Superintendent will provide to the appropriate campus administrator written notification that includes the reason and expected duration of the visit.

Identification at Registration

When any visitor, including a parent, is identified as a registered sex offender during visitor registration, the office staff will:

Ask the visitor to remain in the office;

Notify a building administrator immediately; and

Ensure the visitor does not leave the office without being escorted by school personnel.


When a building administrator is notified that an identified sex offender is on campus, he or she will:

Contact law enforcement, if necessary, to confirm that the visitor is a registered sex offender.

Determine whether the visitor has received written permission from the Superintendent to be on school property.

Determine if the visitor is the parent of a child enrolled at the school.

Determine, if possible, whether parental rights have been terminated.

Parent as Registered Sex Offender

Unless present for the purpose of voting or attending Board meetings, a registered sex offender who is a parent will only be given access to a school campus for the purpose of:

Transporting his or her child to or from school;

Picking up his or her child's assignments from the campus administrative office;

Attending scheduled meetings or conferences with school personnel to discuss matters related to his or her child;

Attending ceremonies, competitions, or performances in which his or her child is participating; and

Serving as a volunteer in his or her child's classroom under constant, direct supervision by District personnel.

A parent who is a registered sex offender will not be permitted on school property if:

The person's parental rights have been terminated.

The person is prohibited by court order or conditions of probation from being present at school.

The Superintendent or campus administrator determines that the individual poses a threat to student, staff, or community safety.

Registered Sex Offenders Permitted on District Property

When a registered sex offender has written permission to visit District property, he or she must:

Go directly to the campus administrative office for visitor registration;

Complete a form at registration indicating that he or she is aware of the rules and agrees to abide by them;

Be escorted and directly supervised by school personnel for the duration of the visit; and

Sign out at the campus administrative office upon departure.

School personnel will ensure that the registered sex offender leaves school property immediately after signing out.

Registered Sex Offenders Not Permitted on District Property

If the campus administrator determines that a registered sex offender is on District property without written permission, he or she may:

Escort the person off school property; and/or

Notify law enforcement of the incident.

School Board Meetings and Elections

A registered sex offender entering District property to vote or attend a Board meeting may enter during polling hours or while a Board meeting is in session. The registered sex offender is allowed only on those portions of the District property reasonably necessary for ingress and egress to the polling place or the Board meeting. The registered sex offender must leave the District property by the most direct route as soon as his or her vote is cast or the Board meeting concludes.


Any person seeking review of these procedures may pursue a grievance through FNG(LOCAL) or GF(LOCAL), as applicable.

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LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 5/13/2015