Truancy Prevention Measures

In accordance with Education Code 25.0915, the District shall adopt and apply truancy prevention measures to minimize complaints filed by the District alleging a student's failure to attend school. [See also FEA]

The District's truancy prevention measures shall include:

A minimum of one attendance letter; and

A minimum of two intervention strategies, including, but not limited to:

An attendance meeting;

An attendance notice;

A conference with the student and/or the student's parent;

A home visit;

A student and/or parent contract;

A telephone conference;

Tutorial classes, which may include extended school; or

Other campus interventions.

Required Documentation

Documentation of applied truancy prevention measures shall be recorded in the District's student information system.

Each complaint filed in county, justice, or municipal court shall be accompanied by a statement from the student's school certifying that the school applied truancy prevention measures and that the measures failed to meaningfully address the student's school attendance.

In addition, the statement shall specify whether the student is eligible for or receives special education services.

Arlington ISD


LDU 2011.05

DATE ISSUED: 12/16/2011