Commencement Exercises

A student who has satisfactorily completed all coursework requirements for graduation but has failed to meet applicable state testing requirements shall be allowed to participate in commencement activities and ceremonies. [See EI, EIF]

Distribution of Diplomas by Current and Former Board Members and Superintendents

A current District Board member, former District Board member who was elected to, and served on, the Board at least 36 months, and a current or former District Superintendent may present a diploma during commencement exercises to a student who is a relative within the third degree by consanguinity. Exceptions to this limitation may be granted by the current Board President or current Superintendent.

A student who wishes to receive a diploma from a current or former Board member or Superintendent shall submit the request to the campus principal prior to commencement rehearsal.

The degree of relationship by consanguinity between a person and his or her descendant shall be determined by the number of generations that separate them. An individual's relative within the third degree by consanguinity is the individual's:

Parent or child (first degree);

Brother, sister, grandparent, or grandchild (second degree); and

Great-grandparent, great-grandchild, aunt or uncle (who is a sibling of a parent of the person), nephew or niece (who is a child of a brother or sister of the person) (third degree).

Arlington ISD



DATE ISSUED: 5/18/2011