Officer for Public Information and Required Notices

Officer for Public Information


  1. Make public information available for public inspection and copying;
  2. Carefully protect public information from deterioration, alteration, mutilation, loss, or unlawful removal;
  3. Repair, renovate, or rebind public information when necessary to maintain it properly; and
  4. Make reasonable efforts to obtain public information from a temporary custodian if:
    1. The information has been requested from the district;
    2. The officer is aware of facts sufficient to warrant a reasonable belief that the temporary custodian has possession, custody, or control of the information;
    3. The officer is unable to comply with the duties imposed by the PIA without obtaining the information from the temporary custodian; and
    4. The temporary custodian has not provided the information to the officer or the officer's agent.


PIA Sign

  1. Members of the public who request public information in person; and
  2. Employees of the district whose duties include receiving or responding to public information requests.

Access to Public Information

Method of Requesting Public Information

  1. United States mail;
  2. Electronic mail;
  3. Hand delivery; or
  4. Any other appropriate method approved by the district, including facsimile transmission and electronic submission through the district's website.

Designated Address

  1. At one of those addresses;
  2. By hand delivery; or
  3. By a method described above that has been approved by the district.

Public Information Request Form

  1. Confidential; or
  2. Subject to an exception to disclosure that the district would assert if the information were subject to the request.

Procedural Rules

Treatment of Requests

Location of Access

  1. Providing the information for inspection or duplication in a district's offices [see Time for Examination, below]. The PIA does not authorize a requestor to remove an original copy of a public record from the office of a district;
  2. Sending copies of the information by first class mail, if the requestor requests that copies be provided and pays the postage and any other applicable charges that the requestor has accrued under Subchapter F of the PIA [see Costs and Charges, below];
  3. By referring a requestor to an exact internet location or uniform resource locator (URL) address on a website maintained by the district and accessible to the public if the requested information is identifiable and readily available on that website. If the person requesting the information prefers a manner other than access through the URL, the district must supply the information by sending copies to the requestor, as described above.

Time for Response

When Administrative Offices Closed

Requests to Narrow or Clarify

Time for Examination

Electronic Data

  1. If the district has the technological ability to produce the information in the requested medium;
  2. If the district is not required to purchase any software or hardware to accommodate the request; and
  3. Providing the copy will not violate any copyright agreement between the district and a third party.

Requests Requiring Programming or Manipulation

  1. That responding to a request for information will require programming or manipulation of data; and
  2. That:
    1. Compliance with the request is not feasible or will result in substantial interference with operations; or
    2. The information could be made available in the requested form only at a cost that covers the programming and manipulation of data.
  1. A statement that the information is not available in the requested form;
  2. A description of the form in which the information is available;
  3. A description of any contract or services that would be required to provide the information in the requested form;
  4. A statement of the estimated cost of providing the information in the requested form, as determined in accordance with the rules established by the attorney general; and
  5. A statement of the anticipated time required to provide the information in the requested form.

Response Time When Programming or Manipulation Is Required

Further Action

  1. Wants the information in the requested form according to the time and cost parameters set out in the written statement, or according to other terms to which the requestor and the district agree; or
  2. Wants the information in the form in which it is available.

Processing of Requests

Repetitious or Redundant Requests

  1. Respond to the request for information as set forth below, at Procedures; or
  2. Furnish the information or make the information available to the requestor again in accordance with the request. If the district selects this option, the district is not required to comply with the procedures described below.


  1. A description of the information for which copies have been previously furnished or made available to the requestor;
  2. The date the district received the requestor's original request for that information;
  3. The date the district previously furnished copies or made available copies of the information to the requestor;
  4. A certification that no subsequent additions, deletions, or corrections have been made to that information; and
  5. The name, title, and signature of the officer for public information or agent making the certification.

Requests for Contracting Information Not Maintained by the District

  1. Information in a voucher or contract relating to the receipt or expenditure of public funds by a district;
  2. Solicitation or bid documents relating to a contract with a district;
  3. Communications sent between a district and a vendor, contractor, potential vendor, or potential contractor during the solicitation, evaluation, or negotiation of a contract;
  4. Documents, including bid tabulations, showing the criteria by which a district evaluates each vendor, contractor, potential vendor, or potential contractor responding to a solicitation and, if applicable, an explanation of why the vendor or contractor was selected; and
  5. Communications and other information sent between a district and a vendor or contractor related to the performance of a final contract with the district or work performed on behalf of the district.
  1. Has a stated expenditure of at least $1 million in public funds for the purchase of goods or services by the district; or
  2. Results in the expenditure of at least $1 million in public funds for the purchase of goods or services by the district in a fiscal year of the district.

Request to Contracting Entity

Request for Attorney General Opinion

  1. Complies with the requirements of Government Code 552.371(c) in a good faith effort to obtain contracting information not maintained by the district;
  2. Is unable to meet a deadline because the contracting entity failed to provide the information to the district not later than the 13th business day after the date the district received the written request for the information; and
  3. Complies with all notice requirements not later than the eighth business day after the date the district receives the information from the contracting entity.

Withholding Excepted Information

Request for Attorney General Decision

Time for Request

Calculating Timelines

Previous Determinations

Same Information
Categories of Information
  1. The previous decision is applicable to a school district;
  2. The previous decision concludes that the category of information is or is not excepted from public disclosure;
  3. The elements of law, fact, and circumstances are met to support the previous decision's conclusion that the requested records and information at issue are or are not excepted from public disclosure; and
  4. The previous decision explicitly provides that the governmental body or bodies to which the decision applies may withhold the information without the necessity of seeking a decision from the attorney general.

Statement to Requestor

  1. A written statement that the district wishes to withhold the requested information and has asked for a decision from the attorney general about whether the information is within an exception to public disclosure; and
  2. A copy of the district's written communication to the attorney general asking for the decision. If a district's written communication to the attorney general discloses the requested information, the district shall provide a redacted copy of that written communication.

Submission to Attorney General

  1. Written comments stating the reasons why the stated exceptions apply that would allow the information to be withheld;
  2. A copy of the written request for information;
  3. A signed statement as to the date on which the written request for information was received by the district or evidence sufficient to establish that date; and
  4. A copy of the specific information requested, or representative samples of the information if a voluminous amount of information was requested. The district shall label the copies or representative samples to indicate which exceptions apply to which parts of the copy.

Additional Information

Privacy or Property Interests

Notice to Owner of Proprietary Information
  1. Be sent within a reasonable time not later than the tenth business day after the district receives the request for information; and
  2. Include:
    1. A copy of any written request a district received for the information; and
    2. A statement, in the form prescribed by the attorney general, that the person is entitled to submit to the attorney general, not later than the tenth business day after the person receives the notice, a written statement of the reason(s) why the information should be withheld and a letter, memorandum, or brief supporting the reason(s).

Charges Regarding Public Information Requests

Costs and Charges

50 Pages or Less

Statement of Labor Costs

Attorney General's Rules


Copies for Parents

Statement of Estimated Charges

Requestor's Response
  1. The requestor will accept the estimated charges;
  2. The requestor is modifying the request in response to the itemized statement; or
  3. The requestor has sent to the attorney general a complaint alleging that the requestor has been overcharged for being provided with a copy of the public information.
Actual Charges
  1. The amount estimated in the updated itemized statement; or
  2. If an updated itemized statement is not sent to the requestor, an amount that exceeds by 20 percent or more the amount estimated in the original itemized statement.
Timing of Deadlines
  1. Delivered in person;
  2. Deposited, properly addressed, in the U.S. Mail; or
  3. Transmitted by electronic mail or facsimile, provided the requestor agrees to receive the statement by those means.

Deposit or Bond

  1. The officer or agent has provided the requestor with the written itemized statement required by Government Code 552.2615 [see Statement of Estimated Charges, above]; and
  2. The charge for providing the copy is estimated by the district to exceed $100, if the district has more than 15 full-time employees, or $50, if the district has fewer than 16 full-time employees.
Modified Request

Unpaid Amounts

Documentation of Unpaid Amounts


Government Publication

Inspection of Public Information

Inspection of Public Information

Confidential Information

Payment, Deposit, or Bond

  1. The information specifically requested by the requestor is older than five years or completely fills, or when assembled will completely fill, six or more archival boxes; and
  2. The officer for public information or agent estimates that more than five hours will be required to make the information available for inspection.
Certain Small Districts
  1. The information specifically requested by the requestor is older than three years or completely fills, or when assembled will completely fill, three or more archival boxes; and
  2. The officer for public information or agent estimates that more than two hours will be required to make the information available for inspection.

Electronic Records

Temporary Suspension of Requirements for Districts Impacted by Catastrophe

  1. Fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or wind, rain, or snow storm;
  2. Power failure, transportation failure, or interruption of communication facilities;
  3. Epidemic; or
  4. Riot, civil disturbance, enemy attack, or other actual or threatened act of lawlessness or violence.

Initial Suspension Period

  1. Begins not earlier than the second day before the date the district submits notice to the attorney general; and
  2. Ends not later than the seventh day after the date the district submits that notice.

Extension of Initial Suspension Period

Maximum Suspension Period

Notice to the Attorney General

  1. Identify and describe the catastrophe that the district is currently impacted by;
  2. State the date the initial suspension period determined by the board begins and the date that period ends;
  3. If the board has determined to extend the initial suspension period:
    1. State that the district continues to be impacted by the catastrophe; and
    2. State the date the extension to the initial suspension period begins and the date the period ends; and
  4. Provide any other information the office of the attorney general determines necessary.

Notice to the Public

Requests During Suspension Period

Pending Requests Tolled

Miscellaneous Provisions

Large or Frequent Requests

Personnel Time

Request by Minor


  1. Dissemination by a news medium or communication service provider, including:
    1. An individual who supervises or assists in gathering, preparing, and disseminating the news or information; or
    2. An individual who is or was a journalist, scholar, or researcher employed by an institution of higher education at the time the person made the request for information; or
  2. Creation or maintenance of an abstract plant as described by Insurance Code 2501.004.
  1. Print;
  2. Television;
  3. Radio;
  4. Photographic;
  5. Mechanical;
  6. Electronic; and
  7. Other means, known or unknown, that are accessible to the public.

Written Statement of Personnel Time

Written Estimate of Charges

Additional Time

Acceptance of Charges

Waived or Reduced Charges

Filing Suit to Withhold Information

Parent's Request for Information

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DATE ISSUED: 10/19/2021