The names for new or existing facilities shall be the responsibility of the Board. A name shall be determined as early as possible during the construction of a building.

Each school name should be descriptive of the geographic area in which the facility is located or should reflect a local, state, or national historical event or place. Whenever possible, the name should bear some relationship to the District. A name should not be representative of a single group, individual, or subdivision.

Any resident of the District may submit a suggested name to the Superintendent's office or to members of the District Excellence Committee. The District Excellence Committee shall review all name proposals and forward no more than five suggested names to the Board.

Consideration of the naming of a new facility shall be included on the Board agenda for two consecutive meetings. At the second meeting, the Board shall select a name from the list of suggestions or request that more names be submitted.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 3/9/2012