Note: This local policy has been revised in accordance with the District's innovation plan.

Examinations for Acceleration or Course Credit

If a student in grades 1–12 wishes to accelerate to the next grade level or earn course credit without having received prior instruction in the grade level or course, the District shall offer opportunities in accordance with state law and State Board rules for the student to take a Board-approved examination for this purpose. A student shall have the opportunity to accelerate and earn course credit without prior instruction in grades 1–12 by demonstrating proficiency with a minimum score of 80 on an assessment for credit by examination from The University of Texas at Austin or Texas Tech University.

Students Currently in Kindergarten–Grade 5

In order to accelerate to the next grade level, a student must earn a score of 80 or higher on a test in each of the following four subjects: English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Students Currently in Grades 6–12

In order to earn credit for a subject, a student must pass both semesters of a yearlong course.

Kindergarten Acceleration

The Board has approved the following criteria to allow a child who is five years old at the beginning of the school year to be assigned initially to grade 1 rather than kindergarten. Criteria for acceleration may include:

  1. A score at the 80th national percentile or higher on a District-approved norm-referenced test, administered by District personnel, for kindergarten in both language arts and in mathematics;
  2. A score of 80 percent or higher on a District-developed criterion-referenced test, administered by District personnel, for kindergarten in both language arts and in mathematics;
  3. Chronological age and observed social and emotional development of the student; and
  4. Recommendation for acceleration from a committee established by the principal that shall include an administrator, an elementary school counselor, and a teacher who is certified to teach grade 1.

Persons under Age Five

In accordance, with the District's innovation plan, the District shall be exempt from the state law requiring establishment of a kindergarten to serve persons who are at least five years of age on September 1 of the school year. The District shall establish local criteria to determine kindergarten readiness in order to serve students who are ready for school but have a birthdate earlier than the referenced in law.

Crowley ISD


LDU 2018.14

DATE ISSUED: 11/5/2018