Burglary, Vandalism, and Loss

Burglary, vandalism, and loss of property require certain actions to maintain property accountability and to continue operations. Burglary and vandalism actions differ from actions to report other losses.

When a burglary or vandalism is discovered, the head custodian, principal, or director will immediately:

  1. Call the appropriate law enforcement agency (city police or sheriff's department) so they can investigate the incident.
  2. Notify the maintenance director of the incident.
  3. Cooperate with the investigating law enforcement agency and preserve the "crime scene" until the law enforcement agency completes its investigations or releases the scene.
  4. If necessary, contact the maintenance director to secure the building, clean up the area, or repair items to facilitate conducting operations.

The maintenance director will coordinate and direct the cleanup actions necessary to restart or continue campus or organization operations.

The first business day of or after the incident, the principal or director will complete and forward the burglary-vandalism-loss report (the report) to the director of finance. If a law enforcement report is available, the principal or director will attach the law enforcement report to the burglary-vandalism-loss report, or will forward the law enforcement report to the director of finance as soon as it becomes available.

The director of finance will coordinate replacement or repair of lost or damaged items (controlled items), file appropriate insurance claims, and follow-up law enforcement investigations.

Lost Property

When property is discovered to be lost and not a result of burglary or vandalism, the principal or director, within three days of discovering the loss, will complete the report and forward it to the director of finance.

The director of finance will coordinate with the principal or director and the insurance carrier to obtain replacements, if authorized.

The objective of the report is to provide one document to identify lost or damaged items and to obtain replacements or repairs expeditiously. The report should be the only document required by a campus or organization to have their items repaired or replaced as a result of burglary, vandalism, or loss.

The following sequence is envisioned:

  1. Campuses or organizations will complete the report, identify lost or damaged items, and indicate whether replacements are requested.
  2. Campuses or organizations will forward the completed report within 30 days of the discovery of the loss to the director of finance.
  3. The director of finance forwards the report to maintenance services, if applicable, and sends copies of the report to any other organization for appropriate action. The director of finance will alert the District's insurance carrier of a potential claim.
  4. Maintenance services will annotate the costs incurred in repairing, cleaning, or opening the campus or organization in the "business services" section of the report, retain a copy, and return the report to the director of finance.
  5. The director of finance will analyze the loss and determine if lost items meet the criteria for insurance replacement.
    1. If the item(s) qualify for insurance replacement, the director of finance will forward the report to the insurance carrier.
    2. If the item(s) do not qualify for insurance replacement, the director of finance will send an annotated copy of the report to the campuses or organization reporting the loss.
  6. Business services will charge costs for repairs, replacements, etc. to a centralized insurance replacement fund budget code. Business services will monitor/manage this account and ensure it is replenished when insurance claim checks are received. They will annotate their actions in the "services" section of the report
  7. The director of finance will complete the processing of the annotated report.
    1. The director of finance will finalize claims and ensure the District's losses are recouped.
    2. The director of finance will ensure reimbursements are credited to the centralized insurance replacement fund.

Contact Person: Director of Finance

Azle ISD


LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 9/13/2019