Threat Assessment and Safe and Supportive Team

In compliance with law, the Superintendent shall ensure that a multidisciplinary threat assessment and safe and supportive team is established to serve each campus. The Superintendent shall appoint team members. The team shall be responsible for developing and implementing a safe and supportive school program at each campus served by the team and shall support the District in implementing its multi-hazard emergency operations plan.


Each team shall complete training provided by an approved provider on evidence-based threat assessment programs.

Imminent Threats or Emergencies

A member of the team or any District employee may act immediately to prevent an imminent threat or respond to an emergency, including contacting law enforcement directly.

Threat Assessment Process

The District shall develop procedures as recommended by the Texas School Safety Center. In accordance with those procedures, the threat assessment and safe and supportive team shall conduct threat assessments using a process that includes:

  1. Identifying individuals, based on referrals, tips, or observations, whose behavior has raised concerns due to threats of violence or exhibition of behavior that is harmful, threatening, or violent.
  2. Conducting an individualized assessment based on reasonably available information to determine whether the individual poses a threat of violence or poses a risk of harm to self or others and the level of risk.
  3. Implementing appropriate intervention and monitoring strategies, if the team determines an individual poses a threat of harm to self or others. These strategies may include referral of a student for a mental health assessment and escalation procedures as appropriate.

For a student or other individual the team determines poses a serious risk of violence to self or others, the team shall immediately report to the Superintendent, who shall immediately attempt to contact the student's parent or guardian. Additionally, the Superintendent shall coordinate with law enforcement authorities as necessary and take other appropriate action in accordance with the District's multihazard emergency operations plan.

For a student the team identifies as at risk of suicide, the team shall follow the District's suicide prevention program.

For a student the team identifies as having a substance abuse issue, the team shall follow the District's substance abuse program.

For a student whose conduct may constitute a violation of the District's Student Code of Conduct, the team shall make a referral to the campus behavior coordinator or other appropriate administrator to consider disciplinary action.

As appropriate, the team may refer a student:

  1. To a local mental health authority or health-care provider for evaluation or treatment; or
  2. For a full individualized and initial evaluation for special education services.

The team shall not provide any mental health-care services, except as permitted by law.

Guidance to School Community

The team shall provide guidance to students and District employees on recognizing harmful, threatening, or violent behavior that may pose a threat to another person, the campus, or the community and methods to report such behavior to the team, including through anonymous reporting.


The team shall provide reports to the Texas Education Agency as required by law.

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DATE ISSUED: 10/28/2019