Suicide Prevention

The District will adhere to the following guidelines in the identification of students who may be undergoing a crisis situation:

  1. A school counselor's role is important to the crisis team for preventing suicide.
  2. Faculty will be briefed on the warning signs of suicide and/or depression. The warning signs will be reviewed intermittently throughout the year.
  3. In the event that a student threatens suicide, the school counselor will:
    1. Isolate student from peers.
    2. Talk with student and assess the seriousness of the threat.
    3. Ask directly if the student has entertained thoughts of suicide.
    4. Not leave the student alone.
    5. Notify personnel.
    6. Contact parent.
    7. Continue to counsel the student.
    8. Give the student and parent resource numbers.
    9. Ask the student to sign a "contract for safety." If he or she refuses, document the response.
    10. Provide parents with other community resources for counseling.
    11. Work with parents, students, administrators, and teachers to monitor the student.
    12. Notify appropriate MHMR office.
      1. Parker County: 800-772-5987
      2. Tarrant County:817-335-3022
      3. Wise County:800-621-8504
  4. The school counselor will place a self-harm/notification documentation form in a separate file in the school counselor's office or principal's office. It will be released in a life-endangering situation but only by the principal or by verbal permission of the principal to the school counselor.
  5. The Community in Schools (CIS) social workers and the elementary social worker will assist school counselors, if necessary, in providing additional support and social services to prevent a possible suicide.

The director of human resources will serve as the District's contact person.

Procedures for Behavior Concerns

The behavior and mental health counselor as well as the special education behavior specialists are resources for ongoing behavior concerns with individual students. The Campus Crisis Intervention Team, which must include the campus administrators, school counselor, nurse, and at least one general education teacher and one special education teacher, will be the primary resource for behavior. The team will adhere to the following guidelines:

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LDU 2019.03

DATE ISSUED: 10/9/2019