Within the context of current law, the District will be guided by Board-adopted written policies that are distributed appropriately and are accessible to staff, parents, students, and community residents.


Legally referenced policies contain provisions from federal and state statutes and regulations, case law, and other legal authority that together form the framework for local decision making and implementation. These policies are binding on the District until the cited provisions are repealed, revised, or superseded by legislative, regulatory, or judicial action.

At each policy code the legally referenced policy and the Board-adopted local policy must be read together to gain a full understanding of a topic.


The terms "Trustee" and "Board member" are used interchangeably in the local policy manual. Both terms are intended to reflect all the duties and obligations of the office.

[See AB for District name terminology.]

Harmony with Law

Newly enacted law is applicable when effective. No policy or regulation, or any portion thereof, will be operative if it is found to be in conflict with applicable law.


If any portion of a policy or its application to any person or circumstance is found to be invalid, that invalidity will not affect other provisions or applications of policy that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application; and to this end, the provisions of this policy manual are declared to be severable.

Policy Development

Policies and policy amendments may be initiated by the Superintendent, Board members, school personnel, or community citizens, but generally will be recommended for the Board's consideration by the Superintendent.

Policy Review

The Board will ensure that District policies are comprehensively reviewed at least once every three years.

Official Policy Manual

The Board will designate one copy of the local policy manual as the official policy manual of the District. The official copy will be kept in the central administration office. The Superintendent or designee will be responsible for its accuracy and integrity and will maintain a historical record of the District's policy manual.

Adoption and Amendment

Local policies may be adopted or amended by a majority of the Board at any regular or special meeting, provided that Board members have received advance written notice of the proposed change and that it has been placed on the agenda for such meeting.

Local policies become effective upon Board adoption or at a future date designated by the Board at the time of adoption. Anytime a legal policy is changed, the related local policy will be reviewed to ensure alignment.

TASB Localized Updates

After the Board reviews the legally referenced policies and adoption of local policies, the new material will be incorporated into the official policy manual and other localized policy manuals maintained by the District. If discrepancies occur between different copies of the manual, the version contained in the official policy manual will be regarded as authoritative.

Castleberry ISD


LDU 2017.02

DATE ISSUED: 9/28/2017