Singleness of Purpose

To conform with the District's strategic plan, this policy supports the strategic goals of higher academic performance and effective and efficient operations, and promotes community partnership.

Academic Performance

New learning environments should be naturally lit, thermally comfortable, safe, and well maintained. Studies have demonstrated that these types of environments support greater student achievement, higher attendance, and improved staff and teacher retention.

District Operations

The use of design, construction, and operation strategies that minimize long-term operational costs are encouraged, as it relates to energy and water use.

Community Partnership

New school design and construction should follow sustainable principles, and improve the community's awareness about sustainable environments that minimize waste, water pollution, and greenhouse gas production. School buildings that incorporate environmental features offer an additional context for student and community learning.

Reconciling Project Budgets

The Superintendent or designee will adopt basic sustainable design guidelines for implementation into the new schools and other projects as applicable. The implementation of sustainable design criteria and best practices must consider established budgets, and must minimize any additional costs of the processes or actual construction.

Sustainable Partnerships

The Board will endorse District participation in partnerships that further the goal of high-performance schools, including federal, state, and local utility programs that support and encourage sustainable design and operational practices.

Documentation of Progress

The Superintendent or designee will include a progress report as it relates to this policy in the CIP ongoing reporting.

Castleberry ISD


LDU 2017.02

DATE ISSUED: 9/28/2017