Professional Development

The District believes that being employed in the field of education implies a commitment to continued learning and growth. The District's professional development program supports professional growth for all employees based upon diagnosed needs or professional goals as they relate to Board, campus, and program goals. The program's purpose is to ensure professional growth for improving job performance and organizational development that ultimately results in student achievement.

Certified Degreed Personnel

For purposes of this policy, certified degreed personnel shall include the following: all administrators, teachers, librarians, speech therapists, nurses, diagnosticians, counselors, persons seeking alternative certification, and other contracted positions.

Annual Requirements

All currently employed certified, degreed personnel shall be required to complete the minimum professional development requirements for their positions specified in administrative regulations.

Failure to Meet Requirements

Failure to comply with the professional development requirements may affect future employment decisions or specific work assignment in the District.

Failure to complete the required professional development hours shall result in a loss of compensation for specified contract employment days.


Any appeals to waive the annual staff development requirement due to extenuating circumstances or hardship shall be made in accordance with DGBA(LOCAL), beginning at Level Two.

Carroll ISD


LDU 2013.01

DATE ISSUED: 5/6/2013