Paid Vacation Days

Ten paid vacation days, in addition to regular school holidays, shall be granted to an auxiliary employee in a position requiring 12 months of service after the person has been continuously employed with the District on a full-time basis for 12 months.

An employee shall schedule any use of vacation with his or her immediate supervisor.

Vacation days shall be available for use and must be taken before the end of the duty year following the duty year in which the days are granted; however, if the workload prevents an employee from using vacation leave in the year earned (September 1 through August 31), the employee shall obtain written approval from the Superintendent to carry over one week into the next year. Approval of carry-over days shall be obtained no later than August 15. Vacation days carried over to the next year that are not used by December 31 shall be forfeited.

Employees shall not be compensated monetarily for unused vacation leave.

The District shall not pay an employee for unused vacation days upon separation or termination from employment.

White Settlement ISD


LDU 2013.03

DATE ISSUED: 6/25/2013