Principal Qualifications

In addition to the minimal certification requirement, a principal shall have at least:

  1. Working knowledge of curriculum and instruction;
  2. The ability to evaluate instructional program and teaching effectiveness;
  3. The ability to manage budgets and personnel and to coordinate campus functions;
  4. The ability to explain policy, procedures, and data;
  5. Strong communications, public relations, and interpersonal skills;
  6. Prior experience in instructional leadership roles; and
  7. Other qualifications deemed necessary by the Board and included in the job description.

School Counselors

In accordance with law, a school counselor shall spend 80 percent of the counselor's work time on duties that are components of a comprehensive school counseling program (CSCP). [See FFEA]

If the Board approves a determination by the administration that due to District or campus staffing needs or other reasons a school counselor is prevented from spending 80 percent of the counselor's work time on duties that are components of a CSCP, the Board shall direct the Superintendent to develop a revised job description for the school counselor that addresses the percentage of the school counselor's time that shall be spent on duties related to the components of a CSCP and the duties the school counselor is expected to perform in the remaining work time. The Superintendent shall report to the Board regarding adjustments to a school counselor's duties under this provision.

White Settlement ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/10/2021