Code of Ethics

As a member of the Board, I shall promote the best interests of the region as a whole, and, to that end, I shall adhere to the following educational and ethical standards and:

  1. Devote time, thought, and study to the duties and responsibilities of a Board member so that I may render effective and creditable service.
  2. Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings insofar as possible and become informed concerning the issues to be considered at those meetings.
  3. Remember that the primary function of the Board is to establish the policies by which the ESC is administered, but that the administration of the programs and the conduct of the ESC business shall be left to the Executive Director and the staff.
  4. Work with my fellow Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during a vigorous debate of points of issue.
  5. Make policy decisions only after full discussion at publicly held Board meetings, render all decisions based on the available facts, and refuse to surrender judgment to individuals or special groups, and thereafter abide by and uphold the final majority decision of the Board.
  6. Hold confidential all matters pertaining to the ESC region that, if disclosed, may needlessly injure individuals or the schools; respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under applicable law.
  7. Remember at all times that as an individual I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the Board and conduct my relationships with the respective educational personnel, the local citizenry, and all communications media on the basis of this fact.
  8. Resist every temptation to use my position as a Board member to benefit either myself or any other person or agency apart from the total interest of the region.
  9. Welcome and encourage active cooperation by citizens, organizations, and the media in the region with respect to establishing policy on current ESC operation and proposed future development.

Education Service Center Region 11



DATE ISSUED: 12/2/1996