The Executive Director shall oversee the performance of records management functions prescribed by state and federal law:

Local Government Records Act

"Local Government Record"

The term "local government record" shall pertain to all items identified as such by the Local Government Records Act.

Records Management Officer

The Executive Director shall serve as and perform the duties of the ESC's records management officer as prescribed by Local Government Code 203.023, and shall administer the ESC's records management program pertaining to local government records in compliance with the Local Government Records Act.


The records management officer shall file his or her name with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) within 30 days of assuming the position.

Records Control Schedule

The records management officer shall file with the TSLAC a written declaration that the ESC has adopted records control schedules that comply with records retention schedules issued by the TSLAC as provided by law.

Website Postings

The ESC's records management program shall address the length of time records will be posted on the ESC's website when the law does not specify a posting period.

Records Destruction Practices

All local government records shall be considered ESC property and any unauthorized destruction or removal shall be prohibited. The ESC shall follow its records control schedules, records management program, and all applicable laws regarding records destruction. However, the ESC shall preserve records, including electronically stored information, and suspend routine record destruction practices where appropriate and in accordance with procedures developed by the records management officer. Such procedures shall describe the circumstances under which local government records scheduled for destruction must be retained. Notification shall be given to appropriate staff when routine record destruction practices must be suspended and when they may be resumed.


The records management officer shall receive appropriate training regarding the Local Government Records Act and shall ensure that custodians of records, as defined by law, and other applicable ESC staff are trained on the ESC's records management program, including this policy and corresponding procedures.

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DATE ISSUED: 7/7/2017