Public Information Defined

  1. By a board;
  2. For a board and the board:
    1. Owns the information;
    2. Has a right of access to the information; or
    3. Spends or contributes public money for the purpose of writing, producing, collecting, assembling, or maintaining the information; or
  3. By an individual officer or employee of a district in the officer's or employee's official capacity and the information pertains to official business of the district.

Forms of Public Information

  1. Paper;
  2. Film;
  3. A magnetic, optical, solid state, or other device that can store an electronic signal;
  4. Tape;
  5. Mylar; and
  6. Any physical material on which information may be recorded, including linen, silk, and vellum.

Preservation of Information

Temporary Custodians

No Property Right to Public Information

Surrender or Return of Public Information

Disciplinary Action

Calculating Timelines

Online Message Board

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DATE ISSUED: 11/5/2019