They are required by law or by the Texas Education Agency,

They are recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards as essential to effective ESC governance and management, or

The Board of Directors wishes to make a statement in a particular policy area.

Basic Organization

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Legally Referenced Policies



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Local Policies



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Official Manual

Numbered Updates

TASB periodically issues updates to the TASB Policy Reference Manual for Education Service Centers and localized policy manuals in response to changes effected by legal authority governing ESCs. TASB updates, which are numbered sequentially, present to the local Board (LEGAL) policies for its review and (LOCAL) policies for its consideration and adoption. Through these updates, the manual remains consistent with evolving statutory and regulatory requirements.

Local District Updates (LDU)

Policy revisions may be initiated by the ESC at any time. The Board may revise policy in response to a TASB-initiated update by adjusting local text presented for its consideration, or the Board may adopt or revise policy on its own initiative in response to changing local circumstances.

TASB Use of ESC Records

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DATE ISSUED: 7/7/2014