Note: For instructional and administrative use of ESC technology resources, see EC.

Technology Resources

For purposes of this policy, "technology resources" means electronic communication systems and electronic equipment.

Availability of Access

Access to the ESC's technology resources, including the Internet, shall be made available to Board members primarily for official duties and in accordance with administrative regulations.

Limited Personal Use

Limited personal use of the ESC's technology resources shall be permitted if the use:

  1. Imposes no tangible cost on the ESC;
  2. Does not unduly burden the ESC's technology resources; and
  3. Is not for personal financial gain.

Acceptable Use

A Board member shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the user agreement governing use of the ESC's technology resources and shall agree in writing to allow monitoring of their use. Noncompliance may result in suspension of access or termination of privileges. Violations of law may result in criminal prosecution.

Monitored Use

Electronic mail transmissions and other use of the ESC's technology resources by a Board member shall not be considered private. The Executive Director or designee shall be authorized to monitor the ESC's technology resources at any time to ensure appropriate use.

Disclaimer of Liability

The ESC shall not be liable for a Board member's inappropriate use of technology resources, violations of copyright restrictions or other laws, mistakes or negligence, and costs incurred. The ESC shall not be responsible for ensuring the availability of the ESC's technology resources or the accuracy, appropriateness, or usability of any information found on the Internet.

Records Retention

A Board member shall retain electronic records, whether created or maintained using the ESC's technology resources or using personal technology resources, in accordance with the ESC's record management program. [See EAC]

Responsibility for Records

A person, including a Board member, commits a criminal offense if the person:

  1. Knowingly or intentionally destroys, conceals, removes, or otherwise impairs the verity, legibility, or availability of an ESC record in contravention of Local Government Code Chapter 202. Gov't Code 202.008; Penal Code 37.10
  2. Willfully destroys, mutilates, alters, or removes public information without permission as provided by Government Code Chapter 552 (Public Information Act). Gov't Code 552.351
  3. Distributes information considered confidential under the Public Information Act. Gov't Code 552.352

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DATE ISSUED: 7/30/2012