Note: For conflicts of interest and gifts and gratuities related to federal grants and awards, see CB and CBB.

Disclosure—General Standard

An employee shall disclose to his or her immediate supervisor a personal financial interest, a business interest, or any other obligation or relationship that in any way creates a potential conflict of interest with the proper discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities or that creates a potential conflict of interest with the best interest of the ESC.

Specific Disclosures

Substantial Interest

Any employee who is in a position to affect a financial decision involving any business entity or real property in which the employee has a substantial interest shall be required to file an affidavit disclosing the nature of the interest. The affidavit shall be filed with the Executive Director or a designee prior to the award of a contract or authorization of payment by the ESC. [See BBFA]

Interest in Property

The Executive Director shall be required to file an affidavit disclosing interest in property in accordance with Government Code 553.002. [See BBFA]


An employee shall not accept or solicit any gift, favor, service, or other benefit that reasonably could be construed to influence the employee's discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities. [See CAA]


An employee shall not use his or her position with the ESC to attempt to sell products or services.

Dual Employment

An employee who accepts outside employment shall file a written notification with the Executive Director.

The Executive Director shall ascertain whether the outside employment interferes with the employee's ability to carry out his or her regular assignment and shall discuss with the employee any perceived interference.

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DATE ISSUED: 7/6/2016