The naming of any facility within the District shall be at the discretion of the Board. No two schools or facilities shall be given the same name.

The term "facility" shall refer to a new or existing school or District-wide complex owned and operated by the District. The phrase "portion of a facility" shall include a building, library, media center, auditorium, performing arts center, gymnasium, athletic field, or other portions of a school or support complex or property owned and/or operated by the District. A portion of the facility shall not include individual classrooms. The Board retains the final authority for the decision in naming facilities.

The following procedures shall be used in naming new school buildings or other facilities in the District:

  1. Nominations for the name shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent. Background information shall be included for the person, event, or place being nominated.
  2. The Superintendent shall review all nominations.
  3. The Superintendent shall place the recommendations on the agenda for the next two regular Board meetings to permit the Board to receive public comments.
  4. The Board shall select a name at the second meeting.

Criteria for Name Selection

For newly constructed schools or other District facilities, the Board shall select a name in accordance with the criteria described below.

In selecting names for a school or District facility, consideration shall be given to names that will have some significant meaning to the citizens of the District or to the students who will use the facility. The name shall fall within at least one of the following categories:

  1. Local geographical names related to the particular area where the school or facility will be erected;
  2. Names of historical significance to the geographical area or to local, state, or national historic events;
  3. Names that describe the program housed in the facility or that describe the function of the facility;
  4. Retired distinguished educators from the District who have given permission for consideration of naming/renaming a facility or portion of a facility in their name;
  5. Deceased person who has a historical significance for the District, community, state, or nation; and
  6. A person who has made substantial contributions to his or her field of endeavor or to society in general.

Renaming Facilities

A request to change a name must be in writing and accompanied by justification for abandonment of a previous name. When renaming a facility, the Board may take steps to rename school facilities or portions as deemed necessary or appropriate for the situation or purpose. The same criteria for name selection for a new facility shall apply to renaming a facility.

The Board may rename an existing facility should an honoree discredit him or herself, the District, or the community.

Programmatic Renaming

A facility or portion of a facility may be renamed based on a programmatic change if the new name would not affect the namesake of the facility or portion of the facility. This type of name change would only require the recommendation of the Superintendent's Cabinet. For example, if a library had been named after an individual, such as the John Doe Library, and the term for "library" changed to "media center," a recommendation could be made for the name to be changed to the John Doe Media Center.

San Angelo ISD


LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 5/21/2019