Sustainable Practices

The College District shall be committed to stewardship of the environment and to reducing its dependence on non-renewable energy sources. With this commitment in mind, College District operations shall:

Incorporate the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability in all capital projects, renovation projects, and operations and maintenance within budgetary constraints and programmatic requirements;

Minimize the use of non-renewable energy sources by creating a diversified (portfolio) approach to energy use, including the use of local renewable energy, as well as conservation measures that reduce energy consumption;

Incorporate and promote transportation alternatives and scheduling practices that reduce the number of individual vehicle trips to and from College District facilities;

Track, report, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions attributed to College District operations;

Minimize the amount of waste sent to the landfill that is generated by the College District; and

Utilize the College District's purchasing power to meet sustainability objectives.

On an annual basis, the Chancellor shall provide a report to the Board detailing the impact of the College District's sustainability efforts on the overall capital program, operating costs, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste diversion, environmentally preferable purchasing, and transportation practices.

Austin Community College


LDU 2021.05

DATE ISSUED: 4/14/2021