Provide for employment for more than three years;

Allow for severance or other payments on the termination of the contract to exceed an amount equal to the discounted net present cash value of the contract on termination at a market interest rate agreed upon in the contract;

Allow for development leave that is inconsistent with Education Code 51.105; or

Award tenure in any way that varies from the institution's general policy on the award of tenure.

Education Code 51.948(a)–(c)



"Faculty member"

A person employed in the classified personnel system of the institution or a person employed in a similar type of position if the institution does not have a classified personnel system; or

A person who holds faculty rank but who spends a majority of the person's time for the institution engaged in managerial or supervisory activities, including a chancellor, vice chancellor, president, vice president, provost, associate or assistant provost, dean, or associate or assistant dean.

Education Code 51.943(a)(2)

offer deadline

notice if Unable to comply

Provide the faculty member with written notification that the institution is unable to comply;

Include in the written notification reasons for its inability to comply; and

Specify in the written notification a time by which it will offer a written contract to the faculty member for the applicable academic year.

Education Code 51.943(d)

Failure to offer

No additional rights

Austin Community College


LDU 2016.01

DATE ISSUED: 9/22/2016