The College President shall implement a comprehensive system that reviews and monitors accreditation compliance, and the effectiveness and efficiency of instructional programs in light of the College District's mission according to an announced schedule. The purpose of such reviews is to systematically and regularly gather and analyze qualitative, quantitative, and disaggregated data in order to facilitate the continuous improvement of each program, to guide resource allocation, and to assist the administration and Board in making decisions about programs.

Program reviews shall include the following analyses, as well as any further information needed to meet accreditation or regulatory requirements:

  1. Relevance of the program to the College District's mission and intended outcomes as declared by policy;
  2. Responsiveness to community needs and satisfaction of community demand;
  3. Accessibility to students, with identification of unnecessary barriers;
  4. Compliance with Student Success goals as established by the College District;
  5. Measures of program quality and educational value added;
  6. Adequacy of program resources and efficiency of resource use; and
  7. Direct and indirect program-related revenues and costs to the College District.

Based on the above analyses, the College President shall provide as part of the annual Institutional Effectiveness Report a summary recommendation on program status to the Board, whose approval is required to initiate or discontinue a program, to substantially change its scope, or to change it between college-credit and non-college-credit status. Such approvals shall be primarily based on the extent to which the recommendation is found to be consistent with principles and goals established by policy, and the Board will update and clarify its policies as needed so that they provide a predictable and consistent basis for such decisions.

Copies of the annual Institutional Effectiveness Report shall be provided to the Board, faculty, and interested community members.

Austin Community College


LDU 2017.03

DATE ISSUED: 11/20/2017