Promotional Activities

College District facilities shall not be used to advertise, promote, sell tickets, or collect funds for any nonschool-related purpose without prior approval of the College President.

[For information relating to community use of College District facilities, see GD.]


For purposes of this policy, "advertising" shall mean a communication designed to attract attention or patronage by the public or college community and communicated through means under the control of the College District in exchange for consideration to the College District. "Advertising" does not include public recognition of donors or sponsors who have made contributions, financial or otherwise, to the College District or College District support organizations.

Advertising shall be accepted solely for the purpose of generating revenue for the College District and not for the purpose of establishing a forum for communication. The College District shall retain final editorial authority to accept or reject submitted advertisements in a manner consistent with the First Amendment. The College District shall retain the authority to determine the size and location of any advertising. The College District shall also reserve the right to reject advertising that is inconsistent with federal or state law, Board policy, College District or campus regulations, or curriculum, as well as any content the College District determines has a reasonable likelihood of exposing the College District to controversy, litigation, or disruption.

Acceptance of advertising shall not constitute College District approval or endorsement of any product, service, organization, or issue referenced in the advertising, nor shall acceptance of advertising from a vendor determine whether the College District will purchase goods or services from the vendor through the College District's formal procurement process.

[For information relating to College District-sponsored publications, see FKA.]

Austin Community College


LDU 2017.04

DATE ISSUED: 11/10/2017