Purpose and Board Philosophy for Campus Interventions for All Campuses

The mission of the District is to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality and that inspires all students to make a positive contribution to society.

This policy applies to schools that have not met academic criteria established by the District, state, or federal accountability systems. This policy establishes the general framework used to identify schools for potential intervention and is part of a comprehensive approach that supports the success of each school in alignment with the District's strategic plan.

To the extent that the District has been unable to meet accountability standards internally, the District is willing to consider partnerships with external partners/providers. The Board intends for the administration to exercise overall caution on any intervention action, with expectations of extensive Board review.

Interventions for Low Academic Performance

The Board may consider any campus interventions recommended by the Superintendent.

Special consideration should be given before a recommendation is made for a campus intervention, other than as required by federal or state mandate, if any of the following applies:

The school has a new principal or academic program that has been in place for two academic years or less;

The school has undergone an intervention or served as a receiving school for students reassigned to the school due to a school closure or school consolidation within the last two years;

The school has not met academic criteria for only one year, or has demonstrated a continuous pattern of improvement that would meet or exceed the standards for acceptable performance, within two years; or

There are other extenuating circumstances and special consideration has been approved by the Board.

Possible Campus Interventions

The Superintendent shall also be expected to review schools with students who feed into Academically Unacceptable campuses to determine how best to strengthen the preparedness and readiness of students enrolling in the schools.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to select from among the following possible campus interventions. A report on any recommended action by the Superintendent, along with all pertinent information, and a summary on the public input that informed the recommendation shall be submitted to the Board for consideration and final action.

School Redesign

School redesign shall be used to refer to the circumstance when a site institutes a completely different instructional program. A campus may choose to make a significant enhancement to an existing program or institute a new program. This redesign can be implemented internally by District staff or in partnership with external partners/providers.

In the event that a partnership is sought, a Request for Proposal (RFP) should be issued that requests either or both of the following two types of agreements with partners/providers as follows:

Whole School – The individual or group entities serve as whole school reform and management. The individual or group entities shall have responsibility for running the day-to-day operations, as well as the overall educational program of a school.

Program Enhancement – The individual or group entities serve as program enhancement for an existing or new program in the school. The individual or group entities shall work in collaboration with the District to implement the program enhancement.


Consolidation refers to the merging of two schools onto one campus to address sustained poor academic performance on one campus, but not at both. At least one of the two schools must not be in any stage of academic intervention.

School Closure / Reopen

School closure/reopen shall refer to a temporary cessation of school activity when the entire school's academic design and program is dramatically altered. The temporary closure shall provide time to develop the structures, protocols, management, staff, and physical plant to support the new school focus. Such a closure may last a few months or more than a year.

School Closure

School closure shall refer to the cessation of all instructional activity at a campus. Provisions regarding school closure and reuse for facility efficiency not specific to academic accountability are addressed at CT(LOCAL).

Public Meetings on Campus Intervention Proposals

If the Superintendent proposes to recommend a campus intervention, the District shall conduct public discussions as follows:

The Superintendent or designee shall convene one public hearing at the central administration offices.

The Superintendent or designee shall convene at least one meeting on the proposed intervention to be held at a location intended to foster maximum participation by persons who would be affected by the action.

The Superintendent or designee shall make opportunities for public engagement available online.

In addition, the public may comment on the Superintendent's intervention proposal during the public forum portion of an official Board meeting when such a forum is scheduled on an official Board agenda in accordance with Board policy. [See BED]

Following the decision of the Superintendent to recommend a campus intervention to the Board, the Superintendent or designee shall prepare a report to the Board regarding the recommendation based on all pertinent information, including relevant information received at the public hearing. The report and recommendation shall be submitted to the Board for consideration and final action.

To the extent possible, the Board shall make a decision on any recommended action at least one semester prior to the implementation of that intervention, as applicable. If a decision is made less than one semester prior to implementation, the extenuating circumstances that led to the delay shall be explained at the time final action is taken by the Board.

Implementation and Oversight of Campus Intervention

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the orderly implementation of all campus interventions.

The Superintendent or designee shall periodically report to the Board the status of any campus interventions.

Reassignment of Students

To the extent that a campus intervention affects student assignment patterns, such assignments shall be in accordance with FDB(LOCAL) and (REGULATION).

Reassignment of Teachers

To the extent that a campus intervention affects teacher assignment patterns, a teacher being reassigned shall be reassigned in accordance with DFBB(REGULATION).


For schools that did not meet academic criteria prior to adoption of this policy, the Board may approve interventions no later than the end of the semester prior to implementation.

Effective Date

This policy shall be effective upon adoption by the Board on February 22, 2010.

Austin ISD


LDU 2011.02

DATE ISSUED: 3/2/2011