Appraisal of Teachers

The formal appraisal of District teachers will be in accordance with the Alternatives to the Commissioner's Recommended Appraisal System, 19 Texas Administrative Code 150.1007. The District system will be the Professional Pathways for Teachers Appraisal (PPfT), which was developed in accordance with Texas Education Code 21.352.

Components of the appraisal process, such as announced observations and classroom visits, professional growth and responsibilities, and student growth, will be conducted as outlined to ensure that teachers receive appropriate guidance.

The appraisal system will include:

At least one appraisal each year;

A conference between the teacher and the appraiser that is diagnostic and prescriptive with regard to remediation needed in overall performance by category; and

Criteria based on observable, job-related behavior, including:

The teacher's implementation of discipline management procedures; and

Performance of the teacher's students, defined as student growth, as defined in 19 TAC 150.1002(d), relating to Assessment of Teacher Performance.

The District will establish an appraisal calendar each year.

PPFT Alternate Appraisers

The list of qualified appraisers who may appraise a teacher in place of the teacher's supervisor will be approved by the Board.


Complaints regarding teacher appraisal will be addressed in accordance with the District's complaint policy. [See DGBA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL)]

Austin ISD


LDU 2017.03

DATE ISSUED: 4/7/2017