School Counselors

Implementing the Comprehensive Counseling Program

The role of the school counselor is to maintain, support, intervene, and remediate in the personal, social wellness, mental health, and educational career of students in the educational system. The school counselor must implement a comprehensive school counseling program, which requires 80 percent of the school counselor's total work time to be on duties that are components of a counseling program developed under Texas Education Code section 33.005 (Comprehensive School Counseling Programs). Twenty percent of a school counselor's time will be focused on program management (defining, managing, and assessing the comprehensive school counseling program).

Other Duties

The following duties will not be assigned to a professional school counselor:

Counselors will assist the assigned coordinator in the aforementioned areas, as appropriate. Counselors are expected to assist with "fair share" duties that support campus needs. Administrators and school counselors should ensure that fair share duties do not interfere with the direct school counseling services that students require.

Austin ISD


LDU 2021.05

DATE ISSUED: 7/30/2021