Scheduling and Participation

All children in elementary schools must engage in at least 30 minutes of recess per day and 20 consecutive minutes of Working Out for Wellness (W.O.W.). W.O.W. will be scheduled on music and art days and when physical education (P.E.) is only scheduled once a week due to the A/B/C schedule.

Scheduling and guidelines for (unstructured) recess and (structured) W.O.W time is as follows:

P.E. is TEKS-based and provides sequential instruction to enhance the development of motor skills, movement concepts, and physical fitness.

W.O.W is teacher-led, TEKS-based activities that emphasize student fitness and/or skill development.

Recess provides unstructured play opportunities that allow children to engage in physical activity if they choose.

Brain Breaks are one to five minutes of physical activities that are used in classrooms throughout the day.

Recess and W.O.W. time will be scheduled during school hours.

P.E. and classroom teachers will teach and reinforce social emotional learning competencies for use during recess and W.O.W.

During inclement weather, students will participate in indoor physical activities during the required W.O.W. time and may have a choice of indoor activities during recess time.

The 30 minutes of recess may be broken up into various time allotments.

Recess will not replace P.E. classes or W.O.W.

Recess will not overlap with the 30 minutes of scheduled lunch time.

Recess or W.O.W will not interfere with P.E. classes that are taking place in a common environment, such as the covered slab or identified field areas.

Facilities and Equipment

Adequate, safe spaces and facilities will be provided for all students to be physically active. Outdoor spaces are used whenever the weather allows.

Adequate, safe, and developmentally appropriate equipment is provided for students to engage in enjoyable physical activity.


Campuses will create and implement an annual Playground Supervision Plan. Classroom teachers will be trained and assessed on playground safety/recess supervision.

Safety rules are taught by classroom teachers and enforced during the activity.

Recess is properly supervised by qualified teachers and/or administrators.

Austin ISD


LDU 2017.03

DATE ISSUED: 4/7/2017