Campus Outreach for Advanced- Level Courses

Each secondary campus will have an aggressive recruitment plan and will actively recruit students to enroll in advanced-level courses. Each year, secondary campuses will conduct special outreach efforts with parents and students to recruit students who have not previously enrolled in advanced-level courses. Campuses will annually evaluate their plans for student recruitment, participation, and success in advanced-level courses and will use the results in the development of the campus improvement plan. [See BQ series]

Enrollment Considerations

Any student may enroll in an advanced-level course with parent permission. Prior to enrollment in advanced-level courses, teachers, students, and parents should consider the following:

  1. The student's interest and motivation for mastery of advanced-level coursework;
  2. Past grades in the content area; and
  3. Required course prerequisites.

Exit from Pre-AP / AP / IB Courses

A student may request to change from an Advanced Placement (AP), Pre-AP, or International Baccalaureate (IB) course to a regular course in the same subject. Based on space availability in the new course, a change from one level to another level of the same course may occur up to the midpoint of a semester course. In a year-long course, a change may occur up to the midpoint of the course or at the end of the fall semester, based on space availability in the new course.

Teacher Training Requirements

Teachers assigned to advanced-level courses will be provided training opportunities by the District for the assigned courses. For training that is completed during off-duty, not-compensated days, teachers may be eligible for up to two days of the District's professional learning exchange day credit. [See DMA]

Curriculum Access

Regardless of standardized test scores or past grades, a student who possesses the interest, ambition, and motivation to enroll in one or more advanced-level (weighted) courses may do so with parent permission.

Upon request by a student or the student's parent and if the school has the resources, the school will provide tutoring or other forms of academic support to a student who requires assistance to be successful. The school and the District will make every reasonable effort to match a student with a tutor or the equivalent.

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LDU 2019.02

DATE ISSUED: 3/7/2019