In-School Sale of Merchandise

Except as provided below, all sales of merchandise of any type by individual schools and school organizations will be restricted to the local campus and other District facilities.

Organizational sales in schools and other District facilities will be limited to two per year per organization and will not exceed two weeks' (ten consecutive school days) duration. Exceptions to this regulation are normal school supplies that are sold in the student store and other similar activities.

This regulation does not apply to regularly scheduled social and athletic events after school hours, such as carnivals, family nights, PTA meetings, athletic contests, and the like, and is not intended to restrict the serving of refreshments at school club meetings or social functions approved by the principal.

Sale of Merchandise in the Community

School groups or students groups representing a school may sell merchandise in the community as approved by the principal. All such sales will be limited to one per year per organization and will not exceed two weeks' (ten consecutive school days) duration.

Examples of sales permitted in the community are car washes, bake sales at stores that grant permission, and brochure items, such as wrapping paper.

Community Activities

Schools and school groups are not to perform for any commercial activity or political activity or participate in projects that would identify them with any commercial enterprise or political organization.

Any group that represents the school before the public should be limited in the number of activities in which it participates outside the school program.

Lists of students, faculty lists, and school directories will be made available only in compliance with the policies of the District governing student records and public information. [See policies FL and GBA.]

Austin ISD



DATE ISSUED: 4/9/2001