Booster Organizations

In order to operate on a campus as a booster organization, the booster organization must agree to abide by all policies, procedures, and regulations governing booster organizations.

Booster organizations shall function under the following guidelines:

All meetings of booster organizations shall be public meetings.

Election of officers shall be established and conducted in a manner that will allow any member the opportunity to be elected as an officer in the organization.

Should any organization disband, cease to operate, or choose to withdraw from association with the District those funds or property designated for a specific project shall be dedicated toward the completion of that project.

Booster organizations must abide by the University Interscholastic League guidelines.

Booster organizations must comply with the legal requirements of Title IX. Each booster organization is responsible for attending an annual training session on these requirements.

Any organization operating under these policies that, in the opinion of the school administration, does not adhere to the policies and regulations established by the Board and school administration and operate for the benefit of the school and its students will cease to be recognized as a legitimate booster organization.

The principal has final approval over any action of a booster organization.

The decision of the school administration to remove a booster organization from the campus may be appealed to the Superintendent or designee.

Booster organizations have no authority to direct any school employee in any of his or her duties. Further, they have no authority to guide, direct, or establish guidelines for any school or student activity.

Required Information

Each organization must furnish the principal with the following information annually, and update the information whenever there is a change:

Purpose(s) and operational guidelines of the organization. These may include a constitution, bylaws, and/or a simple list of purposes, goals, and guidelines.

List of officers.

A schedule of all fundraising projects for the year by October 1.

An annual operating budget.


All fund-raising, promotional activities, and/or general solicitation for charitable contributions sponsored by booster organizations must receive prior approval of the principal.

The procedure to follow for approval of a fund-raising project is as follows:

There must be a specific purpose for the project and the amount of money to be raised.

The type of fund-raising project must be determined.

The sponsoring organization(s) must submit an "Application for Fund-raising Project," in duplicate, to the principal for approval.

When the principal has approved the project, one copy of the "Application for Fund-raising Project" will be returned to the sponsoring organization.

The booster organization will be responsible for seeing that the following regulations are observed:

All monies collected must be kept in the campus's school activity fund bank account, unless a waiver from the Superintendent or designee has been obtained. In that case, all monies must be kept in a bank account which is separate from that of the school.

Booster organizations must comply with CFD(REGULATION)—Accounting Principles and Procedures for School Activity Funds, unless a waiver from the Superintendent or designee has been obtained. In which case, proper accounting procedures must be maintained to record all receipts and disbursements.

Accounting books for all booster organizations are audited annually, by an audit committee selected by the organization.

Monitoring the project to see that the goals set forth in the "Application for Fund-raising Project" are carried out.

Project goals may be amended with the approval of the principal.

Recognized booster organizations have the following rights:

Use of school facilities according to rules and procedures of the District.

Use of school name, address, mascot, logo, etc.

School support of fund-raising projects is through advertisement on school campuses, access to school events, and participation of students and staff.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/20/2003