Parent / Family / Community Involvement in District Mission

The mission of the District is that Austin ISD exists to provide, in partnership with families and our community, a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality, challenging, and inspiring to all students to make a positive contribution to society. Therefore, it is imperative that parents, families, and the Austin community be engaged in the process that will promote a healthy system of public education and assist in educating all children to meet high academic expectations and standards.


"Parent, family, and community engagement" shall be defined as the engagement and inclusion of parents, families, and the community as partners with schools for the purpose of promoting success throughout a child's educational experience.


The contributions made by parents, families, and community members to children's education are invaluable. For this reason, all administrators, teachers, and other staff shall work to achieve the engagement and involvement of parents, families, and community members as partners in the schools.

Standards for Engagement

The following standards for engagement are based on the Dual Capacity Framework that provides a reference for parent, family, school, and community partnership programs:

  1. Communicating: Partnership programs shall use a variety of channels to connect schools, families, and communities in authentic ways in their language of preference.
  2. Parenting: Partnership programs shall help all families establish home environments to support children as learners.
  3. Student Learning: Partnership programs shall assist learning efforts in school, at home, and throughout the community in ways that link school to real life.
  4. Volunteering: Partnership programs shall recruit, provide professional development, and organize parent, family, and community resources to support educational programs both within and outside the schools.
  5. School Decision-Making: Partnership programs shall support and provide professional development to parents, families, and community members as partners with schools in making decisions that affect students and education.
  6. Collaborating Family, School, and Community Partnerships: Partnership programs shall strengthen schools, parents, families, and student learning through community resources and supportive services.

Campus Improvement Plans

Each campus improvement plan shall include a parent, family, and community engagement component outlining programs planned or in place for the purpose of improving and ensuring partnership-driven parent, family, and community engagement and involvement. The components shall be developed in accordance with the District's parent, family, and community engagement and involvement model, using the standards for the Dual Capacity Framework model for Family-School Partnerships for engagement set out in this policy. [See BQ series]

Austin ISD


LDU 2018.08

DATE ISSUED: 7/5/2018