Vendors Permits

Vendors are not allowed to solicit individual schools including teachers, staff members, students, or parents, directly or indirectly, without a valid permit.

Vendor permits will be granted only to vendors of products and services that will be used or consumed on the campus or that will be used in a campus fundraiser.

Vendors that seek approval of a vendor permit must submit an "Application for Vendor Sales Permit" to the Department of Contract and Procurement Services.

Contract and Procurement Services shall review the application and determine whether to approve the vendor permit. For vendor permit applications that include a fundraising component, Contract and Procurement Services shall obtain campus concurrence.

Vendor permits are only valid for a specific date(s) noted on the permit and must be used on the date(s) specified. Vendors seeking approval for multiple dates will first be required to adhere to and comply with the District badge policy which includes national background checks and fingerprinting. [See CJA(REGULATION)]

Vendors are authorized to visit a campus only with a valid vendor permit. Vendor permits are not a product endorsement or assurance of an appointment or other consideration. Vendor permits do not constitute a contract or obligate the District to pay funds.

Products or services that require the use of instructional time or that are intended to result in student learning will be considered instructional programs and will require the approval of the associate superintendent of academics.

Visitors Management System

All campuses will use the District's visitor management system. The District's visitor management system provides the following services and encompasses the following procedures.


The District's visitor management system enhances safety for District students and staff through several functions:

The goal of the District's visitor management system is to protect the safety of students and staff in a manner that welcomes participation and protects the privacy of all members of the District community.

Note: The visitor management system does not replace established procedures for approving vendors, contractors, volunteers, and the like, who may be on site under District contracts or other recognized District operations. These individuals must follow the District's approved policies and procedures.

General Campus Procedures

General campus procedures will be as follows:

  1. All campuses will use the District's visitor management system during the hours of instruction on that campus. Hours of operation may be extended by one hour before and after instructional hours at the discretion of the campus principal. With approval of the District police department, campus administrators may choose to modify the hours of use to extend beyond the time described above.
  2. All campus staff will actively ensure that District procedures are followed by ensuring that:
    1. Visitors follow check-in procedures to ensure that all persons who are not assigned to the campus have a visitor's badge, an official District ID badge, or law enforcement badge; and
    2. Any individual who does not have a visitor's badge, District ID badge, Child Protective Services ID badge, or law enforcement badge be immediately escorted to the office.
  3. Signs will be placed at all doors and potential entry points directing visitors to the office to check in.
  4. When a visitor arrives, he or she will report to the front office to be greeted and asked for government- or District-issued photo identification.
  5. The designated District's visitor management system-trained staff member (no student aides) will scan the visitor's identification card and issue a badge. A kiosk check-in method may not be used. If the visitor does not have acceptable photo identification available, the campus administrator on duty will be called upon to assess the situation.
  6. Visitors will be asked to return to the office, turn in the adhesive badge, and "check out" of the system before leaving the campus. If a visitor does not check out, the system will automatically sign him or her out at 4:00 p.m. each day. (Note: The system does not provide automatic notification about visitors who have not logged out. School personnel will need to run a report manually at the end of each day to identify these visitors.)
  7. If the system is unavailable or not in service, visitors should be manually logged in on a sign-in sheet and the online Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry should be used to verify the visitor is not registered in Texas.

Administrative Procedures

Administrative procedures will be as follows:


The following administrative procedures shall apply to visitors:

Insufficient Identification

If a visitor does not produce an appropriate ID, the following will apply:

If a visitor is a registered sex offender, the procedures at Sex Offender Alert will apply.

Emergency and Government Officials

The following procedures shall apply to emergency and government officials:

District Employees

The following procedures shall apply to emergency and government officials:


The following procedures shall apply to students:

Registered Sex Offender Alert

The following procedures will apply regarding a sex offender alert:

Administrative Notification

Administrative notification will be performed as follows:

The administrator's/SRO's response will be as follows:

Registered Sex Offenders

In the event an identified parent or legal guardian of a student is listed in the database, he or she may be granted limited access to the campus. The campus administrator will decide when and where this person can go and who will supervise the visit. Before access is granted, a determination must be made that the registered sex offender is not under a court order restricting him or her from being on school property. Information can be obtained on the Texas Department of Public Safety's website (www.txdps.state.tx.us). If granted limited access, the individual will be closely monitored while on school property. In any event, the District Police Department will be consulted to ensure that other problems are not present (e.g., outstanding arrest warrants, failure to properly register, and the like).

The following will apply:

Optional Customized Alerts

To assist school personnel in identifying and avoiding a dangerous situation, if a visitor has been determined to pose a danger to students or staff, the District's visitor management system may have been programmed with a customized alert specific to the students and staff at a campus.

On this basis, a person in any of the following categories may have been entered into the system with a customized alert:

The campus and District moderators will have the ability to add private alerts. If a private alert is added, the moderator will ensure the following:

  1. A copy of the court order, restraining order, legal document, or communication from law enforcement or administrators that supports the alert will be appropriately filed.
  2. Office staff and all campus leaders will be notified by e-mail about the nature of the alert.
  3. Campus emergency procedures that address hostile persons on campus will be reviewed.


The District's visitor management system will provide an electronic database of volunteer hours and duties performed at campus. Campus staff will assist each volunteer to complete the scan process on the volunteer's first visit to the campus. On subsequent visits, the volunteer's name will be available through the system's quick find screen.

The process will be completed as follows:

Breastfeeding on Campus

A visitor who is breastfeeding a baby will not be denied access to any area she is otherwise authorized to be. Administrators will identify and make available a designated area, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion by students, employees, and the public to breastfeed or express milk. A staff member who offers a private room must clarify that the mother is welcome to breastfeed wherever she prefers and is authorized to be.

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DATE ISSUED: 5/18/2021