General Statement

School facilities belong to the school community. Therefore, school facilities shall be available to community groups and organizations whose purposes and objectives contribute to development of the school program and community.

Since the primary purpose of school facilities is to serve the regular instructional program of the District, other uses will not be permitted to interfere with this program.

Costs involved in nonschool use of facilities will result in charges being made so that tax money will not be used in support of nonschool activities.

The District does not carry liability insurance. All organizations using District facilities assume the liability for all occurrences on District property.


Administrative procedures governing community use of school facilities will assure that regular school programs are not disrupted; that activities contribute to the betterment of the school program or community; that the school budget is not negatively affected; and that there is proper accounting for fees collected.

These regulations apply to use of school facilities. For use of central athletic facilities, see the section titled USE OF CENTRAL ATHLETIC FACILITIES within this regulation. Professional Development Academy facilities are covered by regulations promulgated by that department.

Facility Use Fees

The following provisions will govern use fees:

Facility use fees will be charged according to the Schedule of Facility Use Fees in GKD(EXHIBIT)-A. Separate fees are charged to cover (a) the general costs associated with facility use and (b) the direct costs of custodian, building supervision, and other services. Fifty percent of fees collected for general facility use will be credited to the host campus activity fund and 50 percent will be allocated to the District General Fund. One hundred percent of fees collected for custodian, building supervision, and other direct expenses will be applied to the appropriate account used to pay for these costs.

Facility use fees may be reduced or waived if the requested activity is deemed to be of particular benefit to the school or school community. Principals are authorized and encouraged to revise custodian work schedules to reduce or eliminate facility use charges for activities of parent groups, advisory committees, or school-related or community organizations. Nonprofit organizations requesting the 50 percent fee reduction may be required to show proof of their federal 501(c)(3) status.

Nonprofit organizations are not to be charged a facility use fee for providing after-school child care. Direct costs for custodians or other District services required to support the provision of after school care may be charged to the child care provider.

Application Procedures

The following provisions will govern application procedures:

Groups may submit applications for use of school facilities to the school principal or to the Department of School, Family, and Community Education. In either case, the application must be made on a completed Application for Use of School Facilities Form #CE10-00. Long-term license agreements, such as use of facilities to provide after-school child care, are to be approved by the Superintendent.

All applications must be approved by the school principal.

Requests that involve cafeteria kitchen facilities must also be approved by the director of food services.

Applications must be submitted to the school principal or Department of School, Family, and Community Education at least three weeks prior to the event.

Applicants requesting the ongoing use of a facility may be required to execute a formal interlocal/license agreement.

The District reserves the right to request full payment of fees or a fee deposit in advance.

The applicant will be provided written notice of approval or disapproval of the request for use of school facilities. The applicant must not make firm plans, advertise activities, or sell tickets to an event prior to receiving written approval for the use of school facilities.

Applicants who fail to give written notice by mail or fax of cancellation to the principal or Department of School, Family, and Community Education at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled activity shall be responsible for costs incurred by the District.

Administrative Responsibilities

The following provisions will govern administrative responsibilities:

Upon receiving a facility use request, the campus principal is responsible for the following:

Assuring the requested activity does not interfere with regular school activities;

Assuring the activity contributes to the betterment of the school or community and does not violate District policy;

Forwarding the approved facility use request form to the Department of School, Family, and Community Education;

Arranging for opening and closing, maintenance, and safety and security of the facility;

Arranging for air-conditioning or heating;

Submitting timesheets and supplemental payroll requests for custodial and other staff to the District Department of School, Family, and Community Education.

Upon receiving the approved facility use request from the campus, the Department of School, Family, and Community Education is responsible for the following:

Formally notifying the applicant that his or her facility use request has been approved;

Invoicing the applicant for use fees;

Submitting facility use fees to the finance department with a purchase request to allocate funds to the campus activity account and appropriate payroll accounts.

Submitting the time sheets and supplemental pay forms for the campus custodian and other applicable personnel costs to payroll for processing.

Cancellation of Use

The following provisions will govern cancellation:

Facility use approvals may be cancelled at any time there is evidence that Board policies are being violated. In case of cancellation, the Board assumes no liability other than return of fees charged for unused facilities.

Principals should give at least one week's notice if a previously approved facility use agreement must be cancelled or postponed due to an unexpected conflict with a school-sponsored activity.

General Provisions

The following general provisions will apply:

District school activities or organizations of the school have first priority when requesting use of any part of the building or facilities. Each application will be discussed with the principal of the school for approval as to date and time of the proposed activity.

Only District personnel are authorized to possess keys to District facilities. A District employee must be on site for the duration of activities at school facilities.

During the period of use, enforcement of all regulations will be the responsibility of the organization using the facility. Violation of regulations for the use of school facilities or inaccurate or untruthful statements in the application may cause cancellation of the application and/or may render the organization ineligible for future use of school facilities.

Alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products are not permitted on school property at any time.

Decorations must be fireproof and must be erected and removed in a manner not destructive to school property. The use of open flames, such as candles, is prohibited. The use of decorations must be approved by the building principal.

All loss or damage to school property, including that of students and employees, shall be the responsibility of the organization during the time the building is in use under the organization's permit.

Damage to or misuse of the facilities and equipment of the District will be paid for in full by the organization that submitted the application for use of the facility.

The District, the Board, and employees shall not be responsible for injury, damage to, or loss of property upon school premises sustained by members, guests, or others attending the activity sponsored by the applicant. In the event of any accident or damage to or loss of property that may occur during use, a representative of the organization using the facilities shall secure the names of witnesses, shall furnish to the principal a written report of such accident, damage, or loss, and shall assume all liability that may arise from such accident, damage, or loss.

The use of any paints, cleaners, waxes, or other materials on floors or other parts of the building is strictly prohibited unless specific written approval is obtained from the District supervisor for housekeeping services.

Equipment may not be removed or displaced except with permission of the school principal. Use of equipment must be under the supervision of the person designated by the school principal. Furniture that is moved must be returned to its original position at the end of the facility use event.

Buildings will be opened at least one-half hour before the scheduled program time and closed one-half hour after the scheduled end of the program.

Liquefied petroleum gas will not be used in any building or on any campus at any time.

A District staff member must be on duty when any school facility is used. The staff member assigned will be in charge of the building and will remain on duty for the entire period of the activity. A custodian or custodians will be assigned for all activities that require custodial services for arranging or rearranging furniture and equipment before or after the meeting and for cleaning up.

The campus principal may require the presence of police during competitive athletic events and other events involving large crowds. Generally, one police officer should be on site for every 250 people at noncompetitive events and for every 150 people at competitive athletic events. The officer in charge will have the authority to call for additional officers if attendance exceeds projections or other circumstances indicate a need. The cost of on-site police officers will be paid by the sponsoring organization.

All assigned employees will be paid through the District Finance Department. Schools may not issue payment directly to school employees. The organization using the building will pay no honorarium and will not tip the custodian or any other employee.

All specialized equipment, such as sound boards, lighting boards, and bleachers, will be operated only by District employees or persons authorized by the principal.

Corridors, exits, and stairways must be free of obstructions at all times. Members of the audience and spectators must not stand or sit so that exits, aisles, or stairways are blocked.

Gym shoes must be worn by all persons using gymnasium floors for play or game activity. Persons dancing on gymnasium floors must not wear shoes that will be injurious to the floor's surface.

The costs of specialized personnel, such as police, or parking lot attendants, must be paid for by the sponsoring organization.

Use by Religious Congregations

School facilities may be made available to regularly organized religious congregations for the same fee charged to other nonprofit organizations.

Use by Political Organizations

Requests for the use of school facilities from political groups should be made through the county chairman of the political organization involved. Independent political organizations shall be required to pay estimated fees in advance.

Use of Central Athletic Facilities

The following provisions will govern use of central athletic facilities and fields:

The central athletic fields are to be used only for the purpose for which they were designed and are maintained. Requests for exceptions are to be handled individually upon merit.

Athletic teams from other school districts may use central athletic fields for the cost of operation, provided such use does not interfere with District needs. The District retains concession rights when a facility is used by an outside group.

Commercially sponsored radio broadcasts of athletic events are permitted through arrangements with the director of athletics.

Applications for use of Districtwide athletic facilities should be mailed or faxed to the Austin ISD Athletic Department Office, 3200 Jones Road, Austin, 78745.

An application must be made by submitting a Use Application: Districtwide Central Athletic Facilities form. An electronic copy of this form is available through the Internet. Go to www.austin.isd.tenet.edu

Click on the link "main Aisd Website" at the bottom of the page, and continue with the following instructions:

Click on the "Policy" link in the left-hand column

Click on the "District" link

Click on the link for "Go to TASB's Policy On Line" located in the middle of the page

Click on the "GKD(EXHIBIT)" link

The application form can then be printed. In addition, application forms are available from the AISD Athletic Office, at the address above, or from the nearest school office. The application form can be faxed or mailed upon request.

The rates charged for facilities, equipment, services, and the "Regulation and Use Fees for Districtwide Central Athletic Facilities" are available at GKD(EXHIBIT) or by contacting the AISD Athletic Office.

Use of School Grounds

The following regulations apply to scheduling school grounds for use by outside groups:

School grounds may be used by the public on a first-come-first-served basis or reserved, if the use will not conflict with school-sponsored functions.

Principals are responsible for assignment or scheduling of school grounds for use by outside groups. This scheduling may be handled by the Department of School, Family, and Community Education upon request by the principal.

First preference will be given to local school needs, after which preference will be given to youth groups such as Little League, Pee Wee League, and similar organized groups of school-age children.

The activity's league coordinator will be expected to contact the principal to ascertain the days the grounds will be available, and provide in writing the team name, managers' names, and the days and requested field reservation times.

Reserved field use is limited to after-school hours.

The school ground practice areas may not be assigned more than four afternoons a week. One afternoon (or more if the principal deems it desirable) must be reserved for watering, mowing, or other necessary maintenance of grounds.

Parent Groups and School Sponsored Organizations

The following provisions apply to use by parent groups and school-sponsored organizations:

Principals will provide a free meeting place for regular meetings of the school's official organizations such as PTA, booster clubs, and advisory committees.

Special committee meetings and group meetings or fundraising activities that require opening of school facilities will be charged to the official school organization on the basis of the regular rates. These organizations will be allowed one free fundraiser each school year in their own facility. Additional personnel required for these activities will be charged to the group at their regular overtime rates.

City of Austin and Other Governmental Entities

The Department of School, Family, and Community Education will coordinate with the City of Austin and other governmental entities in arranging after-hours access to school facilities for city-sponsored programs and services.

Use of City Playground Equipment

Under a formal agreement between the City of Austin and the District, the City Parks and Recreation Department joins with the District in the acquisition of some elementary school sites. As schools are built on these jointly acquired sites, the City of Austin Recreation Department installs playground equipment and operates a neighborhood playground program, primarily during the summer months.

The following are general guidelines for use of city playground equipment:

The city-owned playground equipment may be used at the discretion of the building principal and the faculty. It is not mandatory that the equipment be used.

Use of the playground equipment by students must be an integral part of a planned physical education program.

Use of the playground equipment by students as an instructional activity must be supervised by properly authorized personnel.

Various teachers using the equipment must be knowledgeable about the proper use of such equipment.

The principal and faculty should develop rules and guidelines for use, care, and safety of all playground equipment to be used.

Liability on the part of the teacher supervising playground activities is not affected by ownership of the equipment. It is a question of negligence in supervision. Appropriate supervision, therefore, is essential when the equipment is used as part of the physical education instructional activities.

Prohibited Use

Purposes for which use of school facilities may not be granted are as follows:

School facilities may not be used for an activity that the campus principal or Director of School, Family, and Community Education deems to be a nuisance to the surrounding community.

School facilities shall not be used for fund-raising activities of an unlawful nature such as forms of gambling. Fund-raising activities shall be limited to organizations known to have strong educational or community service programs, such as PTAs and service clubs. Organizations approved for fund-raising activities shall be responsible for obtaining any permits, filing any legal papers, collecting all monies, and paying any federal, state, and local taxes on said activities. Specifically, bingo activities shall not be held at more than two fund-raisers per academic year in conjunction with a fund-raiser for the school.

No activity or program can be approved that interferes with the regular school program.

Private Tutoring in School Facilities

Requests for use of a school facility for private tutoring or instruction shall be made directly to the building principal by a professional staff member who is willing to act as sponsor of the activity.

If the building principal determines that the request is feasible and educationally desirable, he or she will send a detailed description of the proposed program together with plans for implementation to the appropriate associate superintendent for consideration. Approval by the appropriate associate superintendent must be granted before any announcement or implementation of a private tutoring or instructional program is made.

All approved private tutoring or instructional programs conducted in a school facility must conform to the following:

The professional staff member who is acting as sponsor of the activity must be present in the building during the time of private tutoring and must be responsible for the general supervision of students from the time of their arrival until the time of their departure.

The principal and professional staff member will determine the restrictions for the use of specific school equipment and facilities.

Private instruction must be conducted outside the student instructional day and be approved by the principal. Tutoring students with certain language learning disabilities may be done during the school day at the school facility if approved by the building principal.

In order to participate in the private instructional program, students must be enrolled in the District and be approved by the professional staff member. Preference will be given to students who are enrolled in the school offering the tutoring program.

No consumable supplies of the District will be used in the implementation of the private instructional programs.

Private tutors must be approved by the professional staff member, who shall be responsible for the instruction offered by and conduct of the tutors. Such instruction and conduct shall be in compliance with the general school policies.

Under no circumstances shall a District employee provide private instruction for pay in a public school facility.

Recommended fees to be paid for private tutoring or instruction must have the written approval of the executive director of curriculum and instruction.

Participating schools should explore and develop every possible way for a student who does not have the funds for the fee to participate in a program of private instruction.

Under no circumstances shall private instruction be made a requirement for participation in any regular school activity.

Use of Cafeteria Kitchens

The following regulations apply to the use of cafeteria kitchens:

When light refreshments such as punch or coffee are served at a meeting of the PTA or athletic or band booster groups, etc., and these are not prepared in or served from kitchen facilities, it shall not be necessary to employ cafeteria representatives, provided the principal is responsible for checking at the end of the meeting to see that the cafeteria is ready for the next day's operation. Food or refreshments shall not be served from the kitchen or prepared in the kitchen unless a representative is present from the food service department. The organization shall be charged for all food supplies and the like.

When a school-related group wishes to serve food in quantity for a carnival or other large group activity, one or more of the regular cafeteria staff must be employed by the group to supervise the operation of the kitchen. The principal is responsible for arranging for the employment of the necessary cafeteria personnel. The cafeteria representative or representatives shall be responsible for the care of the equipment, supplies, and proper clean up.

The use of outside agencies to prepare and serve food for such groups is discouraged, inasmuch as use of such agencies reduces the amount of income from these projects that would otherwise accrue to the school organization. When the kitchen is used by a school-associated agency to prepare and/or serve food, the use of a cafeteria representative will be required.

When a school-associated group wishes to serve a regular meal, this should be done by the cafeteria department according to the following:

The regular cafeteria staff shall be employed at time-and-one-half of their regular pay by the organization at a price per plate based on the following, which must be provided:

The menu, which must be approved by the manager and supervisor;

The estimated number to be served;

Whether service is to be seated or cafeteria-style; and

Whether the group provides assistance in setting tables and serving, if seated service is chosen.

An estimated number to be served (within 50) must be provided a week before the date of the meal. On the day before the meal is to be served, a guaranteed number must be furnished.

Services provided by the cafeteria staff under this arrangement include menu planning, in conference with a representative of the sponsoring group, computation of food quantities required, purchase of food, preparation of food, table service, if desired, and cleanup. No unauthorized personnel will be permitted to use kitchen equipment.

School-related organizations desiring to use cafeteria facilities under these conditions must make application to the principal at least two weeks prior to the date of use, in accordance with the regulations governing the use of school facilities.

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DATE ISSUED: 2/23/2004