In the exercise of the progressive intervention process, the District's values of honesty, ethical behavior, and mutual respect should guide both the content and presentation of the interventions.

Poor job performance or job-related misconduct may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. There are various types of interventions that may be taken in order to help an employee assume responsibility for correcting his or her poor job performance or inappropriate behavior. The interventions may include counseling, verbal and written warnings, mediation, and the like, and will be dependent on the nature of the violation and its severity. Misconduct deemed sufficiently serious, including criminal and ethical misconduct, may result in an employee's immediate termination of employment.

Progressive Intervention Process

A progressive intervention process, when appropriate (excluding criminal and/or ethical misconduct), will be used as follows:

Please note that at any time during this process, an employee may:

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LDU 2020.02

DATE ISSUED: 4/23/2020