Examinations for Acceleration or Course Credit

If a student in grades 1–12 wishes to accelerate to the next grade level or earn course credit without having received prior instruction in the grade level or course, the District shall offer opportunities in accordance with state law and State Board rules for the student to take a Board-approved examination for this purpose.

Kindergarten Acceleration

In accordance with State Board rules, the Board has approved the procedures listed below to allow a student who is five years old on or before September 1, who is enrolled in kindergarten or registered to begin kindergarten, and who is a resident of the District, to be placed in first grade. Criteria for acceleration shall include:

A written request for acceleration signed by the student's parent.

Scores at or above grade level on kindergarten end-of-year expectations as noted on the District's Student Success Initiative Framework, which will be administered by a kindergarten teacher or other appropriate District personnel.

A score of at least 90 percent on each of the following content area assessments: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The Board authorizes District personnel to choose the assessments to be used for this purpose.

A score of at least 90 percent or the equivalent on each of the skills assessed on the District's Social Skills Checklist, completed by the student's parent and kindergarten or preschool teacher, if applicable.

A successful completion of a probationary period of 15 school days in a first grade class. If at the end of the probationary period the first grade teacher confirms that the student is appropriately placed, the student shall officially be accelerated to first grade.

A parent's request for his or her child's acceleration to first grade shall occur no later than October 15 of the school year in which the child enters kindergarten.

Pflugerville ISD


LDU 2015.06

DATE ISSUED: 11/6/2015